What are Flea, Tick, and Heartworm seasons in the USA?

By | April 24, 2020

Though fleas and ticks are most prevalent during warm weather, they don’t vanish when the temperature drops down. Moreover, pets are also at risk of heartworm infection during certain seasons. When it comes to these parasites, they can attack your furry pal from anywhere. Therefore, it is imperative for every pet parent to be aware of how these fleas, ticks and heartworms affect their beloved pets. 

The severity of parasitic infestation varies from country to country. Take the USA for instance. These parasites mainly thrive in warm weather thus fleas, ticks and worms are more prevalent during summer. Thereafter, the likelihood of flea and tick infestation reduces gradually as the temperature drops down. The USA has four main seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Now, in this article, we have shed light on flea, tick and heartworm infestation during the changing weather. 

Spring Season

With the onset of the spring season, the weather becomes pleasant with light sun rays and crisp nature. This is quite an unstable season thus you may experience humidity, light showers as well as occasional sunlight. 

Though fleas and ticks multiply faster in a warm climate, the spring season has an adjustable climate for them to become active again and be on a lookout for dogs. For fleas and ticks, pet parents need to administer preventatives for their pets as spring indicates the beginning of flea and tick season. As the climate gets warmer, the flea population starts increasing. Therefore, it’s highly vital for you to get monthly flea and tick preventative treatments such as Frontline Plus for Dogs. This treatment will ensure the safety of your Fido and keep him protected from fleas as well as ticks. 

Regarding heartworms, it is advised that every pet parent should get their dogs tested for heartworms during spring. Generally, heartworm season begins during the end of spring, so you can utilize this time to pay a visit to the vet and see if your furry pal has any infection.

Summer Season

Summer days bring that spark and brightness into our lives. Gone are the gloomy, lazy days and are now replaced with a warm sunny day! There are endless options for spending summer days with your furry companion. From hitting up the beach to taking a stroll, the warm weather makes everything much more enjoyable. However, pet parents shouldn’t forget about the parasites that get active during this season.

Summer is the season where you need to be vigilant to keep your pooch safe from the infestation. Flea and tick infestation reaches its peak during the summer season, thus making it worse for dogs. With the rise in temperature, the garden area, especially with bushes and woods is highly dangerous for pets. Pet parents should regularly vacuum their houses to get rid of flea eggs and adult fleas. Moreover, ensure you keep the warm areas of your house clean. During this season, especially in cases of the heavy flea infestation, you need to pick the right treatment for your pooch. Powerful treatment like Nexgard Spectra is highly effective against fleas, ticks as well as gastrointestinal worms, making it the top choice of pet parents! 

Since summer is also the season of heartworms, we highly suggest you get heartworm preventative for your furry pal so he doesn’t suffer from this dangerous and fatal disease. Treatments like Heartgard Plus are very beneficial in protecting dogs from Heartworm infection

Autumn Season

Autumn is yet another pleasant season for people as well as tourists. Thanksgiving and Halloween fall under autumn season, thus it marks the beginning of holiday season. 

In most regions of the USA, the climate remains warm accompanied by light wind and air. If you and your furry pal have survived summer, then this is just a walk in a park! By that, we also mean you can take your furry buddy for a walk in a park as the risk of getting infested decreases and if you are giving him regular flea and tick preventatives, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Since you have already started heartworm preventive treatment in summer, you need to continue that here as well. As we all know that no mosquitoes or parasites vanish with the change in weather, it’s always helpful to administer preventatives on a regular basis. 

Winter Season

Winter calls for exciting Christmas celebration and fun snow days. You can just be cozy with your pup and cuddle all day or you may go out and have a fun snow fight!

By this time of the year, you can take a sigh of relief as your dog is at lesser risk of getting flea and tick-infested. Now, most of the fleas and ticks may have gone into hibernation in warm places, they are less likely to attack your pooch and spread infection. However, it doesn’t mean your dog is completely safe from these parasites. You still need to administer the treatments so even if there is one flea in your house, it can’t affect your Fido.

The risk of heartworm infection also lessens in this weather so as long as you are giving heartworm preventive treatments to your buddy, there is no point of concern! 

Whether it is spring or winter, flea, tick and heartworm preventives are imperative. You may pick the treatments according to its efficacy and the time for how long it lasts, but you must never stop giving the treatments to your dog. In this blog, we covered four main seasons of the USA and how the severity of flea, tick and heartworm infection varies with the change in season. Share the blog with your other pet parents if you found it helpful! Our blog with flea and tick season in Canada will be posted soon so keep visiting!