Celebrating Easter with Your Dog

By | April 8, 2020

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” – S.D. Gordon

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Easter is around the corner, so what are you waiting for? Gear up and get those bunny ears and plastic eggs out! Easter falls on a Sunday every year, which means the entire family will be at home and you can make an exciting day out of it. In fact, you can also include your furry pal in to the celebrations! Your four-legged companion would love to be a part of shenanigans on this remarkable day. Easter is all about new beginnings and hopes, so why not spend it the best you can with your dog? At BestVetCare, we are all about encouraging pet parents to spend such fun holidays with their pets. So, make this Easter special for your Fido in just 3 steps. Celebrating Easter couldn’t get better than this!

Prep Up For an Easter Egg Hunt

For a fun and exciting Easter egg hunt, all you need is some toys/plastic eggs and an open yard. Please note that dogs might try to swallow the small plastic eggs, so ensure you get the big ones. In fact, if you don’t want to risk your pet’s health, you can also get some chew toys for him and scatter them around the backyard. Remember, dogs have strong olfactory reactors, so you can also keep some of your doggo’s favorite treats along with the Easter egg/toy, which will make the Easter egg hunt easier for your dog!

Easter Bunny? More like Easter Furry Pal!

Easter bunnies are adorable, but so is your pooch! So, why not dress him up with some cute outfit and bunny ears? We’re sure he’ll look even cuter, dressed up as a bunny! This will also give him an opportunity to strut his new look in front of his other furry friends. Easter brings all the spring colors into our lives, so it’s the perfect occasion to dress up your pet and welcome the spring in the most exciting way!

Call Up Other Dogs

It’s not a celebration for your Fido without his other furry friends! So, if you have any neighbors or friends with pets that your buddy loves to commingle with, invite them as well! It could turn into the most memorable day ever when you see your doggo having a time of his life with his other friends, playing and getting excited over the treats and presents!

Delicious Doggy Treats

Well, there’s no specific reason for giving out treats to your dog, right? So, why hold yourself back from getting tasty treats for your pooch? You are going to eat chocolates and lavish meals, so your furry kid also deserves to be pampered with pawsome treats!

Easter Basket for Your Dog’s Health

Amidst all the celebrations and festivities, we must not neglect the needs of our pet’s health. And with spring comes the season of fleas, ticks, and other harmful parasites. Thus, to make yours and your pet’s life easier, here are the top 3 preventive treatments that you can buy for your pooch! This Easter, fill up your dog’s Easter Basket with top-selling flea and tick treatments such as Nexgard, Heartgard Plus and Seresto Collar for dogs. These three treatments provide complete protection from parasites as well as intestinal worms! So, hurry up and grab these treatments as this combo is perfect to keep your pet protected from parasites.

In whichever way you spend Easter, it will be a memorable day with your furry pal beside you. So, gear up for Easter with some fun activities! And don’t remember to get those combo pack treatments for your doggo at discounted rates.