Why should I spay or neuter my pet? – Check the answer!

By | August 23, 2014

spay or neuter your pet

Are you having second thoughts about spaying or neutering your cat or dog? Do you feel the guilt of altering his or her natural tendencies? Well, if so then please make yourself free from that state of mind. In fact these procedures can make your pet healthier. This veterinary procedure is free of any kind of complications and requires very less time. Moreover, it is an affordable pet care treatment. If you still think that it is not healthy for your pet then let’s knows the procedures in detail.

What is spaying and neutering?

Spaying is a surgical procedure practiced by qualified veterinary surgeons. It involves removing ovaries and uterus of a female cat, dog or other stray or domesticated animals. Similarly neutering is a procedure that involves removing testicles of a male canine or feline. Therefore, both the procedures are about removing the animal’s reproductive organs.

Why should we get our pets spayed or neutered?  

To provide a healthier life to them: Spaying reduces the chances of uterine infections and breast cancer in female canines and felines. According to statistics, these deadly diseases affect 50% female dogs and 90% female cats. Neutering prevents testicular cancer in male members of canine and feline community. Thus, the procedure actually keeps your pet healthy for a longer time.

For making them well behaved: It is observed that unneutered cats and dogs show aggressive behavior to mark their territories and attract the female. They keep spraying strong smelling urine across the house or garden. Early neutering helps them stay calm and in turn they focus more on their human family. This way, Fido will remain more attached to the family.

To decrease over population: Thousands of animals are euthanized on a yearly basis. Cats and dogs have number of babies in a litter. You cannot afford to adopt them all. Therefore, they either end up in a shelter home or become stray animals. Eventually, they are put to sleep. To prevent animal killing and for saving their lives, spaying or neutering is essential.

To save pets from getting lost: In their breeding season, pets are in a spree of finding a partner. In this process, they often dig gardens, fences and run away from homes. Many of them meet with accidents; get injured and scare locals, children and damage fauna of the place. Moreover, it is tragic to lose a pet and the entire procedure of finding him is extremely painful.

Apart from all this, spaying and neutering are cost effective methods. You will not be burdened with heavy pet care treatments after these simple procedures. This way, by choosing to neutering him or spaying her, you will be providing your furry child better health, hygiene and care.