2019’s Trendiest Dogs Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Pet Parents

By | May 27, 2019

Dog-gadgets-for-tech-savvy-dog-ownersGadgets are the coolest things that a pet owner can have for their dogs. These techy products relieve so much of responsibility from the pet owners and help in enhancing the quality of life of our pets that they are simply a boon. In fact, they are more of a help to pet parents besides being a luxury to our canines. Most of these modish gadgets make our task easy and some of them are even fun to have. So, here are the trendiest gadgets every pet owner must buy in 2019 and up their game with their dogs to be the coolest parents.

Wicked Bone Automatic Dog Toy Eliminates Boredom Issues in Dogs

This wicked bone automatic toy is certainly wicked. It moves, it vibrates and you can actually control this ‘bone-like’ toy to keep your dog engrossed. The best thing about this cool gadget is it takes sound inputs from your dog and responds by moving in an intriguing manner. It is one of the best interactive toys to eliminate boredom and depression issues in dogs and is definitely a must-have for 2019.

Pet Selfie Smartphone Attachment Helps You To Click Best Selfies With Your Pooches

You must have tried a million times to get that perfect selfie with your pet, but sadly your dog is always staring at something else. Pity you …he considers it unimportant! He has more interesting stuff to stare at, right! Well, if you are tired of gaining your pet’s attention while taking a selfie with him, fret not! Now you don’t have to struggle to hold your pet between your legs so he can stay still.

This uber cool, funky selfie attachment is certain to attain your pet’s interest. Since it can easily fit onto the cellphone, your pet will definitely look at it while you click the selfie with him. It’s all about how you trick your dog and this smart attachment is sure to meddle with your pet’s head! He won’t even come to know he’s being clicked 😉

Thundershirt Provides Calming Effect To Your Dogs



Buying pet clothes is definitely interesting but when it comes with the benefit of health it is worth your investment. Thundershirt is one such stylish jacket which you must add to your dog’s shopping kitty if he has anxiety issues. This cool gadget makes your dog look chic and provides a calming effect to his mind as it comes with a vibrator that relaxes the muscles and in turn tranquilizes distressed, anxious dogs.

In fact, it is an extremely helpful gadget for dogs that are scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, etc. So, don’t you think it is one of the best things to buy this year if your dog is dealing with such issues?

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers – Coolest Gadget for Pet Parents

iFetch is an automatic cannonball launcher which doesn’t require you to throw the ball for your pet every time. It’s tiring at times, isn’t it? Well, not anymore. This iFetch ball launcher relieves you of this responsibility. You just have to put the balls inside the cannon and it will automatically get launched by tapping a button.

Cooling Pad Cools Down Your Dog’s Body

Heatstrokes are very common in summers. As the temperatures rise, our pets get restless because of the excessive heat. But now, your pet won’t have to suffer anymore because this newly launched Cooling Pad helps your dog to cool down his body heat by merely sitting on it. He can just lie down comfortably and the gel inside the pad will help bring down his temperature to normal in a few minutes.

Tug Prevention Dog Trainer Motivates Your Dog To Walk Straight

This amazing gadget helps your dog to stay calm and walk obediently by your side when you take him out for a stroll. The tug emits a tone that only your dog can hear. It keeps him motivated to walk straight, without getting excited or anxious about things coming on his way.

All of these products are specially designed to make the life of pet owners much more relaxed and comfortable. They also enhance the living standards of your pet and help them stay healthy mentally as well as physically. So, now that we have already informed you about the latest trendy gadgets getting popular in the pet world, grab them now because 2019 ought to be a happier year for you and your pet’s life.