6 Nice Things You Can Do For Your Cat On International Cat Day

By | July 26, 2018

International Cat Day came into existence in 2002 for improving the quality of life of the cats around the world. They are venerated as one of the oldest companions of humans and thus regarded as great stress busters. As feline owners, we must take care of their expectations and demands which can improve the quality of their life. So, here are some ways you can do that.

Give Her A New Bed

Cats are comfort lovers. They love to lounge in a place that is super soft and which adjusts perfectly according to their body. Try considering beds specially designed for the needs of the kitty.

Bring Supplements For Her Health

Supplements are a good way of compensating nutritional deficiencies that regular food is not able to provide. They are good for her joints and also improve the skin and coat making the kitty attractive when taken daily.

Keep The Litter Box Clean

Cats love cleanliness and always cover their litter behind them. Keeping the litter box clean will thus make her happy and she won’t poop anywhere else. Removing the litter immediately also prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps the environment clean.

Plant Catnip In Your House

You cannot separate cats from catnips. They have special love for this plant. It gives some kind of relaxation to their minds and helps them stay calm and consumed. Plant one in your garden and you will always find your cat happy.

Comb Her Fur

Grooming your pet keeps her free of various infections. Weekly bathing and combing your cat helps prevent matt and also removes any flea debris. Apart from that, you get to check your cat for ticks. Furthermore, a grooming session also helps you to spend some quality time with your furry pal. Good idea right?! Well, you can also play with her while bathing if she is in a good mood.

Bring Her Some Treats

Treats are always coveted to make a day wonderful. What better occasion than International Cat Day to shower your love on the kitty. Reward your cat this day with few treats as a reward for her good behavior. Make sure you don’t go overboard as treats can lead to weight gain in felines.

Take Her Outdoors On A Leash

Cats love to roam in the town. They climb the walls or pounce on the rat, exhibiting their instinctual behavior of wandering and preying. Taking the cat outdoor also eliminates boredom and helps her stay fit. So plan a walk on this cat day and let her refresh herself, sniffing and enjoying various smells from all corners. However, take her on a collar and leash so you can control her movements.

Hope these ideas will be helpful to you. They are definitely beneficial for her overall physical and mental health and will also provide you with some quality time to spend with your cat.

Now, plan your day accordingly so you can make the most out of this International Cat Day with your feline friend!