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Making This Thanksgiving Day Special For Your Pet

Thanksgiving Day is just round the corner. It is during this occasion that families come together and have a gala time by having a grand feast. The day can be very busy especially when you have a big family get together. But during this hectic schedule, do not ever forget about your furry pals. If… Read More »

Celebrate Veterans Day With Service Dogs

Veteran’s Day is an important day that celebrates the service of the U.S. Military that has served the country. But the contribution of service dogs in wars cannot be undermined. These dogs do everything from sniffing out bombs to aiding veterans with post-traumatic disorder. It then becomes our duty to pay homage to all these… Read More »

Tailor-made Pet Costumes For Halloween And Pet Supplies Deals On Discount

4 Amazingly Cool Tailor-made Pet Costumes for this Halloween It might be a shocking revelation for you, but Halloween is one of the most commercially successful holidays after Christmas. So, it is but natural that you will be contemplating about purchasing Halloween costumes for you or your kid. But do not forget about your pet… Read More »

Columbus Day Deals On Pet Supplies With Discounts – Enjoy Leisure With Pets

Columbus Day is just around the corner. It is the perfect opportunity for you to have a great weekend by escaping the city and getting in touch with nature. So take your sunshine with you and discover a new world this festive day. There are lots of pet-friendly getaways in our country where your furry… Read More »

Simparica – A Real Contender For Swift & Long-Lasting Flea & Tick Prevention Treatment

Getting an effective flea and tick preventive treatment is a challenge for most dog owners. There are several forms of flea and tick preventive treatments available in the market: collars, topical and oral. Out of which collars and topical treatments are effective, but they also expose your pet to health problems. This is the reason… Read More »

Celebrate Independence Day Fiesta With 12% Discount On All Pet Care Supplies

We celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July every year to mark the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776. This day is known for family celebrations with picnics and barbecues which gives lots of prominence to our tradition of political freedom. There are many public events,… Read More »

Enjoy Memorial Day With Your Pets By Joining “Sell” With 12% Discount

Memorial Day is the perfect excuse for you to enjoy the extended weekend and when you are barbecuing it adds to the total attraction. But what about your furry pal? Remember, the food and the drink that you serve to your guests can be poisonous to your pet. So always keep your pet away from… Read More »

Kill the Trade Deal by Getting Huge Discounts on your Favorite Pet Supplies @ BestVetCare

Washington Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February to celebrate the occasion of the birthday of the first president of our country. But don’t be amazed when we say that Washington’s Birthday does not fall on Washington Day. In fact, George Washington was born on 22nd February but it was changed under the… Read More »