Dream of a Pet Dog That Met Reality – Part 4 John To The Rescue

By | October 31, 2019


John To The Rescue

An Idea That saves Jack’s Life
                                                                                   An Idea That saves Jack’s Life

We finally headed to the same lake, crossed the woods, and reached John’s place.

He was gardening. We opened the gate. Hearing the creak of the gate, he turned and motioned towards us. There was a subtle smile on his face when his eyes met ours. He kept his watering can aside and walked towards us.

John – ‘Hello kids. How are you doing?’

Mike – ‘Hey, John.’

Me- ‘Hi John. We needed to talk to you!’

John – ‘Yeah sure… tell me, what happened?’

Me – ‘Well John, these guys here and my parents gifted a spaniel on my birthday.’

John – ‘Wow, that’s a great gift.’

Me – ‘Yep, it is! But unfortunately, he has gotten infested with fleas and I am not able to afford the expenses.’

John – ‘Ohh, I see!’

Me – Yeeaah!! We have come to you to know how you managed the expenditure when you had Duke. I recently went to the vet and he handed me a bill worth almost 400 bucks.’

Zane – ‘ Yes John, how did you manage your expenses your dog must have had a disease or an infestation at some point in time. How did you manage everything?’

John – ‘Well, I know a guy who used to get me all the stuff and treatments at very low prices. I guess he purchased everything from a site and handed it over to me. Mmm…let me remember which one was it…. I guess Best Vet Care. Yeah… it was Best Vet Care. I also remember one flea treatment which was just $23 and a wound repair cream that was around $17.’

Me – ‘Wow… that’s amazing. I am going to check this site out for sure.’

John – ‘Yes, it is economical. You should go for it. Moreover, there are some natural remedies which you can also try.’

Me – ‘Like?’

John –‘You can try white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.’

Mike – What? Apple Cider Vinegar? Really? My mom uses it in salads.

John – ‘Yes, it can be used as a flea repellent too.’

Mike – ‘How?’

John – ‘Mix the vinegar in equal amounts of water and apply it on your dog. It will prevent your dog from getting fleas.’

Then there is lemon as well. It is a natural flea repellant.

Kruger (in amazement) – ‘Wow! Lemon is easily available in the market. Didn’t know it can treat fleas! That’s interesting!’

John – ‘Yes, my dear… it does. Steep it in water for 12 hours and then apply that solution on your dog. He will be flea-free the next day.’

‘You can also use essential oils like rosemary, lavender, or tea tree oil. Just add 6-7 drops of any of these oils in a cup of water and shake well. Then use it as a spray to remove fleas.

Hope your dog will stay flea-free.’

Zane – ‘You know a lot about this stuff, John’

John – ‘Haha…Yeah, I learned it over the years. And thank you!’

Me – ‘Thanks a lot, John. I really can’t thank you enough. You’re a savior. Thanks again.’

John – ‘My pleasure, kid! You can drop by anytime and ask for any advice you need. Hope your dog leads a healthy life.’

Me – ‘Yes, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks, John.’

John – ‘And yes… one more piece of advice… since my Duke died of heartworms because I wasn’t aware that we need to prevent dogs from this disease, you don’t commit the same mistake. Try to safeguard him from this fatal disease. There are preventatives available on the site I told you about. Use them. There are generic heartwormers too that are quite economical. So, check them out.’

‘And oh…mow your garden regularly so that parasites and rodents are not attracted to your place. They all bring dangerous diseases.’

Me – ‘Sure thing, John. I have noted it down in my subconscious mind. Thanks a ton, pal!’

Referring to John’s Site
                                                                                         Referring to John’s Site

Zane, Kruger, and Mike also thanked John and sipped the soda he offered. We said goodbye to him and that night I finally felt so relaxed. I checked out the site as soon as I reached home and what John said was correct. This site was indeed great.

Thereon, I started purchasing all the stuff that Jack needed from this site and was able to manage the budget as well.

Mike, Kruger, and Zane were also finally happy for me. Well, Jack is now 4 years old and is pretty healthy. And since I have started making some money through my part-time job now, I can also afford more things for him.

I thank John for coming in my life, all my friends as well as my parents who gave this furry bundle of happiness to me. I would suggest all the pet parents who are dealing with the same kind of issue, that BestVet Care is the pet store to rely upon. And most importantly, keep the house and garden clean to avoid fatal diseases from entering your house.

This was my story; it could be yours as well. So, the only way is to help yourself in advance than crying over spilled milk. Gain complete knowledge on how you should care for your dog (if you wish to adopt one). Hopefully, the way Jack is getting healthier every passing day, your dog too can stay fit as a fiddle!

Box of Happiness
                                                                                                    Box of Happiness



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