5 Most intriguing Facts about Cats

By | January 9, 2020
5 Most intriguing Facts about Cats

Cats are the cutest, coolest and quirkiest creatures in the world. It feels so good to have your ball of fur sitting on the table while you’re working. W.L George said that ‘Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement and love without penalties.’ This is so true because there’s something about the presence of a cat that makes you feel good.  Whether you have a feline friend in your life or not, you should be aware that life isn’t enough to know your cat entirely. Cats are the amalgamation of mystery, curiosity, and weirdness.

There are parts of it which she’ll never reveal unless you’re curious to know why your cat is like this. Keep on reading these interesting facts about cats to be more proud of being a cat lover.

1. Cats Can Make More Than 100 Different Sounds

A house with a cat is never quiet. No, that doesn’t mean cats constantly make noises, but as a pet parent, you might have noticed some weird noises from your kitty. That’s because cats possess a variety of sounds in their quiver. Cats purr, snarl, chirp, growl, hiss and spit to get their point across. They have numerous vocalizations that are varied as to the number of cats in the world and they all have their own distinctive sound.

2. Cat’s Purr is a Sign of Self-Healing

A cat’s purr is a form of communication. But, it is an interesting fact that a cat’s purr is much more than a form of communication as a cat’s purr frequency is 26 Hertz. This is a frequency that scientists use in vibrational therapies to promote tissue regeneration. Purring is a healing mechanism that helps your cat to heal itself. Vibrational therapy creates the same reinforcement and healing by using low-frequency vibrations instead of an intense high-impact activity that’s why a cat’s purr helps in healing.

3. Cats Sleep Up to 70 Percent of Their Lives

All that a domestic cat does is sleep, run, eat and play. Such a wonderful life! Wish we could be cats. Alas! It is one of the most interesting facts to know that sleeping takes up 70% of their lives, which means a cat sleeps around 13-16 hours a day. They are intensely dedicated to sleep in a way that cats are among the top-sleeping animals in the world.

4. Cats Rub Against People to Mark Their Territory

Cats are olfactory creatures that greatly rely on their sense of smell to get information about their surroundings and environment. Have you noticed why your cat rubs herself against you or an object or whenever she meets a new person? It’s because cats mark their territory by leaving their own personal scent behind. It’s their way to tell that you are in their territory.

5. Cats Possess a Better Vision Than Humans At Night

We might just get tripped over something when we wake up in the midst of the dark night. But, cats can see much better in darkness than humans. Cats have elliptical pupils that are oriented vertically. This elliptical pupil allows its eyes to open much larger than a human’s round pupil. The cat’s retina is made up of many more rods than cones and it is designed for vision in low light conditions. Therefore, they can see by using one-sixth of the light humans need to see.

Okay, there aren’t just these, we have a bonus fact to serve more information about cats.

6. Cats & Humans Have Similar Emotion Centers in the Brain

That’s the reason why humans gel up more with cats. A human and cat’s brains have the same structures that serve the same function. Both human and cat brains are composed of grey and white matter. This means cats tend to think in a similar pattern as we do partly owing to the neurotransmitters which are used in conveying data. Just like us, cats also have short and long-term memory functions.

This is our list of some interesting facts about cats. To know your kitty more, just keep observing her behavior to dig in some cooler things about her.