Simple Exercises To Do With Your Dog

By | March 5, 2021

Most of us know that to live a healthy life, regular exercise is the key. It not only improves your physical fitness but also improves the mental health. Likewise, regular workout is necessary for your animal friend as well in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Some may ask why dogs exercise need at the first place? Well, the answer is regular exercise reduces aging and stress. It is also a good workout for the brain. Above all, working out with your dog together strengthens your human-animal bond and sooner or later you will realize that your pet has turned out to be the perfect exercise partner you were looking for.

It is absolutely vital that the dog’s breed, age, weight, health along with injuries if there is any, are considered before you both hit the park and make the first move after doing to avoid any repercussion. To exemplify, a large dog’s exercise would have to differ from that of a smaller one. The key should be to start slow and increase the pace according to the dog’s response.

We have picked 5 uncomplicated exercises you can perform with your dog:


One of the best ways to stretch your legs and enjoy the weather with your beloved companion is going out for a walk with him or her. Sometimes it is all that your dog needs that does not require expert advice. This form of dog exercise helps you burn those excess calories and reduce weight for both you and your dog. Uniform walking not only keeps joints in motion but also regulates digestion and prevents constipation. By going out for a regular walk, it gives your dog the opportunity to explore new sights. He or she gets a sense to new smells that works well for his or her mental health. Additionally, walking reduces the risk of heart-related disease by lowering the blood pressure.

Regular Walk with Your Dog


Puppies and particularly young dogs that are filled with energy and always excited for activities, you can play fetch with them using a disc or a ball. Dogs truly love such form of work out as they do not have to leave your sight and at the same time they get to run around and have so much fun. You do not necessarily need to go out in a park instead you can play fetch in a room or back yard after having your meal. Physical activity like this not only strengthens his muscles and joints but it also improves your dog’s behavior. It makes him sleep better and move a step forward towards a healthy life.



Swimming is one trouble-free and yet a complete form of exercise. It provides countless benefits to your dog’s overall health by improving metabolism and circulation. Swimming makes a dog to use every major muscle, hence it improves their overall strength. Unlike other exercises, swimming reduces stress from muscles and joints making it a go-to exercise for all dogs suffering from arthritis and other muscular pain. Furthermore, swimming provides your dog relief from stress and improves their mental health.

Swimming Dog


If you are looking for a workout that is tiring and fun at the same time, playing tug of war with your dog can fulfill your wish. It is not more than a myth that tug makes your dog aggressive, instead, it develops confidence and improves the physical strength of your pet. The activity turns out to be satisfying for your pet as it provides an opportunity for them to showcase their mental and physical strength. In addition, it gives them a chance to spend a quality time with you and eventually strengthens your bond.


A yoga teacher in Jacksonville, Suzi Teitelman was the first to start dog yoga and gave it a term ‘Doga’. This form consists of different dog-friendly poses (traditionally called ‘asanas’) that are beneficial for both dogs and parents. To exemplify, crescent lunge, forward fold, downward dog, etc. are few of the poses. Other than this, there is a relaxation pose called ‘Savasana’ that is most of the dog’s favorite asana. The best thing about yoga is you do not need a large space, instead, if you can roll out the exercise mat, you can perform yoga. Doga brings mental stability and reduces stress. It helps dogs that are suffering from behavioral problems and helps them become calm and relaxed. Moreover, yoga improves flexibility and provides relief in muscle pain.

To conclude, it needs to be remembered that no matter what form of exercise you choose to perform with your dog, the premier take-away from it is, both you and your dog will get to spend time together and that is all your furry friend calls for.

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