The Ultimate Guide for Cat Grooming

By | May 21, 2020
The Ultimate Guide for Cat Grooming

Having a cat is all about fun, cuddles, and curiosity, of course. However, besides the gala time you both spend, there’s something every pet parent has to work on…almost daily. Grooming, yes you heard it right. Being a pet parent you will be well aware of how daunting the grooming task may be, but it is equally essential to maintain your pet’s overall health. It’s bliss that cats are cleanliness freaks, and they groom themselves, but they cannot adequately do that when it comes to clipping their claws, brushing, maintaining their coat, and a lot more.

Well, not only cats, but even your dog requires grooming, and you’ll find many guides to groom your dogs. But, here we’re going to discuss ways to groom your cats. Therefore, here we have a rundown of grooming tips for cats to make it hassle-free grooming for you.

Brush the Teeth

Okay, so you just went down to hug and kiss your kitty and suddenly get that unpleasant breath from her mouth…Yikes! That’s the reason you need to brush your cat’s teeth to it clean, white, and free of chips. Also, check her gums for any lesions or sores. Ensure to regularly brush your cat’s teeth with specially designed brushes, finger brushes, and toothpaste for cats. Check in with your vet if you find any lumps, lesions, or swelling in your cat’s mouth.

The Battle of Bath

The hardest battle you fight with your cat is to make her bathe. Though your cat’s tongue and teeth are in-built grooming tools, you still need to bathe her. Your cat’s playful nature will surely welcome numerous sticky, smelly particles or even bacteria on her coat, which you need to get them off. Therefore, consider using uniquely formulated cat shampoos that are gentle yet effective to bathe your kitty. Use a mild shampoo, gently rub it on her coat, rinse it with water, and let it dry with the towel.

Let That Coat Shine

Grooming your pet is not an option but a necessity. Just as we like to stay well-groomed, similarly, it is good to keep your furry companion clean and cool. You need to take care of your kitty’s coat as it requires maintenance. A cat’s skin and coat speak a lot about their health conditions. So, consider using products that keep her coat shiny and healthy. Essential 6 and GCS – Cat Gel are the right picks for your cat’s coat and skin.

Cut the Claws Before She Attacks

If you don’t want your kitty to scratch you or someone else patting her or even the furniture, then surely clip her nails. Trim your cat’s nails slowly and methodically to avoid the risk of hurting her. Hold the cat’s claws firmly, and avoid clipping too close to the quick, which is the blood vessel inside of the nail. Cut the nail gently in a single stroke to avoid any injuries.

Just Trim a Lil Please

Having too long fur for your kitty can cause health issues. So, it is essential to clip or trim your pet’s fur. You need to be very meticulous while trimming her fur as you can hurt her if not taken proper care. Use gentle pressure while clipping your cat and leave at least an inch of hair to prevent hair growth and other skin problems. You can also consider visiting a professional groomer to perfectly groom your pet’s fur.

Inspect Her Eyes and Ears

Cats are prone to get numerous health problems if pet parents don’t heed their well-being. Ear mites are among those tiny creatures that your dogs deal with. So, it is crucial for pet parents to recognize ear mites and clean their ears. You can use ear cleaners and ear drops to maintain oral health. Moreover, consider checking your pet’s eyes on a regular basis and looking for unusual swelling or discharge. In order to protect your cat’s adorable eyes, use Frontline Pet Care Eye Cleaner.

Before initiating the grooming process for your cat, ensure that you have the appropriate pet care supplies that you need to groom her. Do diligent research and look for cat-specific and high-quality products that are effective and gentle to use.

Moreover, we also have something for dog parents to make the grooming process easier. For further information, you can check out these professional grooming tips for dogs.