Why Frontline Plus Is Not Working

By | July 18, 2014

Why Frontline Plus not Working on DogIf this question is bothering you and you are desperate to know the answer then you have landed at the right place. There have been few cases suggesting the failure of Frontline Plus for dogs. Well, since it is a very popular flea treatment, there have been many surveys and researches to find out the cause of its slow down. The treatment is one of the most popular, vet recommended treatment for dogs. Talking about its record of accomplishment until now, we can say that Frontline Plus is a highly effective flea treatment that gives excellent results within hours. It not only eliminates adult fleas within 12 hours but also keeps on wiping out the flea life stages for one month after application. There are few cases in which Frontline Plus has not given the desired results and has generated an uproar in pet parents. Let us check out the reasons for it.

Why Frontline Plus is not working on my dog?

Wrong method of application

One of the main reasons is when the treatment is not applied properly. Due to this, the ingredients would not spread across the treated pet’s body. Fleas escape to the parts where the medication has not reached. Follow the application instructions given on the label to save the pet from such a situation.

Heavy infestation

If the pet is heavily infested with fleas or is living in an area where there are excessive fleas then, it becomes difficult to wipe them out completely. The problem is the new pests in the environment easily substitute the killed fleas and you again spot those annoying parasites on your pet’s body. Thus, the level of infestation and area also plays a big part the success of any flea control treatment.

Flea immunity

This holds true specifically for pets living in certain areas. There are certain areas in America where fleas have developed a good level of immunity towards Frontline Plus. Pets living in this area may not respond positively to Frontline Plus and thus cannot combat the flea attack.

Cannot shoot down every flea

Not every flea is killed by flea and tick treatments. The treatment’s efficacy rate may be 95%-98% but few fleas may still stay untapped. Pet parents can combine other short-term flea treatments like Capstar to make sure every flea is shot down.

Too much washing the pet

Frontline Plus becomes water-fast after 48 hours of application. If you wash the pet before this time then it hampers efficiency of the flea treatment. Even too much washing of the pet would also show decrease in efficiency of the flea treatment.

Natural alternatives

Another important factor is that Frontline might give slower results in the third and fourth week. In such cases, instead of re-application, just choose a natural alternative to combat fleas. Natural treatments like dips will prevent and control fleas without affecting the pet’s health adversely.

To conclude, Frontline Plus is a vet recommended flea treatment with excellent results. There might be some exceptions in the results but if you can easily figure out the reason and rule them out then there is absolutely no problem with the treatment. Consult a vet for more guidance on why Frontline Plus shows a sudden slow down while treating your pet. You can also get more information about Frontline Plus from our site that guarantees branded products at lowest prices.