Tips To Check The Authenticity Of Frontline Plus

By | July 21, 2015

Flea and tick have always been the major concern for pet parents, irrespective of the time of the year. Frontline Plus is one of the most popular and the sought after flea treatment for canines and felines. This product is being distributed globally by Merial in the U.S.A, Australia, U.K, etc. Being such a trusted and popular product has its own advantages and disadvantages. The prime disadvantage is that there is a big chance of counterfeit treatments to be at your door.


Things to consider before judging Frontline Plus by the appearance of its cover!

Frontline Plus is manufactured in France and is then imported by different Merial branches and distributors all over the world. The look of the packages varies according to the rules and regulations of an individual country. The content of the treatment remains the same and is equally effective irrespective of the package design. So, if you see that the display of the pack is not the one that you usually buy, it may not be the best thing to judge it as a counterfeit.

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So, how would you be able to differentiate between an original Frontline Plus and the fake one? Let’s find out!

  1. It is not only the customer that may be cheated by the fake Frontline Plus, but the distributors also may face this situation. This is the tip for distributors: Check the lot number or the expiry date on the carton and the package. They should be the same. The pet owners can check for the authenticity by checking the lot number or expiry date on the package and applicator tubes. These numbers should not be different. If they differ, then you may have been cheated.

Note: If you do not find the expiry date on your pack, don’t panic. USA is the only country where expiry date is not mandatory information to mention on the pack.

  1. The instruction leaflet should be included in the package. Check for these details in the leaflet:
  • First-aid instructions
  • Contact information of Merial U.S branch, including emergency telephone number
  • Directions of use
  • Safety measures for humans and pets
  1. The pesticide is packed in an applicator tube. It is child resistant and may not be opened by children and pets.
  1. All the instructions are printed in English. Packages should not contain any stickers on them. Look for the related approval numbers and phone numbers on the box.
  1. As per your selection of the package, it may contain applicator tubes accordingly. Each and every applicator tube will have following information if it is not a counterfeit: The registrant name “Merial”, The label of CAUTION that includes “Keep out of reach of children”, “For animal treatment only” and the composition of the treatment: Fipronil and (s)- methoprene.

These are some ways to differentiate the original Frontline Plus from the counterfeit. Tip#1 is the most important factor for the differentiation. The best way to check for the authenticity is to call the Merial branch printed on the package. Look out for these signs in your package to differentiate it from the counterfeit.