Ways to say ‘I Love You’ in Dog Language!

By | June 24, 2019
Dog langauge

Dog language

Dogs are the most adorable and well-mannered pets you can foster. They have proven their inherent qualities like loyalty, companionship, loving and caring nature time and again. One of the best qualities dogs have is to express their emotion not with the words but with the gestures. They are a great time attention seekers and also love to express their feelings towards you. But, they definitely crave the same love from your side as well.

So, here are the different ways you can express your love to your Fido in the language they comprehend.

1. Make eye contact

Eyes play an important role in forming a special bond with your dog. It is a powerful medium of conveying a message. Dogs communicate and understand through eyes. Deep eye contact with your dog results into release in a love hormone. Also called “Oxytocin” that makes you and your pup’s bond strong. You can also gaze softly into your tail-wagging friend’s eye and smile, to express how much you love him. Dogs can understand this emotion by seeing your happy face.

2. Get in touch

Yes, you read it right! Dogs do love to receive affection from their owner. If you reciprocate the love they express to you, it will help you in winning your furry pal’s heart. The most sensitive and adorable feeling is touch. So, when your furry pal snuggles up to you, it means he trusts you. Dogs like to stay close to the person they love which is evident in many ways like. while walking they walk close to you or even if they have a separate bed they prefer to snuggle up to you. In order to revert to the same feelings for your dog, try to lean beside your pup and gently gaze in his eyes. This will help them enjoy the moment and in turn, will help you to build a strong bond with your furry.

3. Reward with a treat

The stomach is a root to heart. This saying applies to animals too. You should always feed your pal with a hand. The reason behind is, It has been proven to be the most effective way to come close to your doggy. At times, your dog must be hungry and feeding them at the right time will help you to be his best friend. You should always pay attention to your dog’s hunger as feeding him healthy food will keep him active and also attached to you. You should always play with your dog or give him obedience training with his favorite food as a reward on completion of the task. This way he will inculcate the habit of obeying and will also understand how his owner is expressing love to him.

4. Feed the needy

Just like humans, dogs too have various needs that should be fulfilled on time. They come to your home as a pet but slowly become more than a family member. And, the way you fulfill the needs of your family members it’s your responsibility as a pet parent to look after your pup’s requirements as well. By fulfilling your pal’s need, you can express your love towards him. Dogs also like to play with toys and there are different toys in the market that can engage them in physical exercise. Apart from that, keeping a soft toy by his side will also prevent him from feeling lonely and he will also feel safe.

Sometimes all your efforts are still not working to provoke your dog to be more friendly and socialize towards you or anyone else. So, this might lead to some serious health issue in your pal if you facing the same problem read this blog.

Dogs also appreciate when their owners share quality time with them. So, go for a walk or play with your dog to make him feel loved and cared. Groom them regularly, take care of their health, pay regular vet visits to ensure they stay healthy, nurture them just as you would nurture your own kid. Because, no matter they understand our language or not, but they definitely understand the language of love.