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Read All Reviews : Endogard for Dogs

Description :

Most pet parents believe that if a dog is found having parasites in his stool, he must be suffering from an infection. However, this is not necessarily the case. Most dogs suffer from infestation at one time or another due to intestinal worms. Endogard is a scientifically proven wormer for treating such intestinal worms present in the tract of intestines. This palatable anthelmintic formulation successfully eliminates harmful internal parasites and further prevents its infection.

Endogard for Dogs:

A product by Virbac, Endogard is a multi-spectrum antiparasitic formula for treating a wide range of intestinal parasites including hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, tapeworms and Hydatid tapeworms. It is also helpful in controlling multiple infestations including Nematodes, Cestodes, and Ascarids in dogs. Endogard tablets are highly effective in treating small, medium and large sized dogs. This scientific formulation is powerful in protecting dogs from fatal diseases along with preventing the spread of worms in other animals and humans. 

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Can rely on this

Guys at bestvetcare recommended me this product. I was like whether I can rely on this product or not. But by using it on regular basis, I can say that both my pugs are not having any worms now. Good job guys, especially Mark. Thanks!!!