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Refer Friends & Earn Rewards

Welcome to BestVetCare Refer a Friend program. You refer and earn rewards.

With our Refer a Friend program, you and your friends both can earn extra reward points. You both will earn extra 5% as reward points on the total order value.

e.g. $5 = 100 reward points

How it Works?

Refer a Friend They purchase at BestVetCare You Both Earn!

First, you need to sign into your account for your personalized coupon code in Refer a Friend section, and share it with your friends by filling up their name and their email id.

Once they receive the coupon code, they can place an order with the referred email id and apply the coupon code shared. Once the order is shipped, both your account and their account will be credited with reward points.

You will earn extra 5% as a reward point of order value placed.

Steps to Follow:

There is no limit of earning reward points. You can refer as many friends as possible and earn multiple times.

Check The Benefits Of Refer A Friend

  • Increase your reward point balance.
  • You can refer your friend anywhere anytime online via our Refer a Friend program.
  • You can refer as many friends as you want, there is no limit of earning reward points.
  • Share the reward points with your friends and family easily.
  • Your friends also earn exciting rewards.

It is easy, convenient and no limits to earn more.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 5% of the order value will be credited as reward points on the first order only.
  2. Refer a friend reward points cannot be credited as cash.
  3. The validity of coupon code received through ‘Refer a Friend’ will be only for 45 days.
  4. Reward points will be expired, if not used in the given stipulated time.
  5. Email id is necessary to use the reward points
  6. The earned reward points are valid only for 10 months from your last order placed.


Referral: An individual who is referring someone for our ‘Refer a Friend’ program is denoted as a referral in the context.

Share: In context to Share Point program, unless and otherwise specified, ‘Share’ is termed as sharing points to friends, relatives, family or other acquaintances.

Redemption: When a customer redeems his/her earned reward points as discount in the next order, is termed as Redemption

Redeem: To use earned reward points in form of discount on the next order placed.