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Reward Points

BestVetCare – Reward Points System

Buy More – Earn More

At BestVetCare, we constantly strive to make pet healthcare affordable and fun for pet parents and hence we are introducing a reward point program to help you earn MORE on each and every purchase of yours. Whenever you place an order with us, you will earn reward points that will be accumulated in your registered account.

Reward points earned is equal to the purchase value. You can easily redeem the reward points earned on your future purchases.

For instance –

If your order value is $20, then you earn 20 Reward Points on this purchase

Welcome Reward Points for New Customers – Earn Even Before You Spend.

If you are a new customer and you register yourself with us, we gift 100 rewards points as a welcome gesture to you. This means you start earning even before you’ve started spending on BestVetCare.

How to Redeem Your Reward Points ?

On every purchase, you can redeem your reward points to gain an extra discount. For redeeming your reward points, your order value should be a minimum of $25.

Also, you can redeem 10% of your total order value at max.

Where can I find my reward points?

Account: You can check your reward points in your registered account by logging into it.

At Checkout: After you have added all the products in your cart, At the checkout page, you will be able to see the total reward points earned along with the maximum number of eligible reward points that can be redeemed in that order.

Order Confirmation: In order confirmation email/order confirmation page, you can find the total number of reward points credited to your account for that purchase.

What Is The Value Of Reward Points?

The value of the reward points :

20 reward points = $1 or 100 reward points = $5

It means that for a discount of $5 you will have to have 100 reward points in your account i.e. each reward point will have a value of $ 0.05.

You can redeem your reward points as a discount on your subsequent purchases.

Reward points of maximum 10% of the order value can be redeemed.

How do I redeem my reward points ?

Slide And Redeem To Get Discounts –A simple and easy way to get discounts.

On the ‘Shopping Cart’ page, you can see the total number of reward points in your account. With the help of a given slider, you can select the number of reward points you want to redeem. You can also enter the number of reward points in the box below the slider to redeem and get extra discounts.

Please note: You can only redeem the reward points equivalent to the amount equal to 10% of your order value.

For example, your order value is $500 and 10% of $500 is $50. So, the maximum number of reward points you can redeem for this purchase is 1000 because as per the value of reward points 100 points is equal to $5.

When will my reward points be credited to my account ?

As soon as your order is shipped, reward points will be credited to your account. After/within 2 to 3 days of placing your order, you can check your account for reward points. For any query or confusion, please send us an email to

Can I encash my reward points ?

No, reward points cannot be redeemed for cash. It can only be redeemed as a discount on the purchase value. The points are a token of love for your pet and we would like that the points are used for your pet only.

How do I manage my reward points ?

Through your registered account, you can view and manage your reward points.

In My Account, under My Reward Points section, you will be able to view your total reward points; a complete log of acquired and redeemed points.

Is there any expiry of my reward points ?

Yes, your unused reward points will be expired after 10 months from the date they were credited. Therefore, we advise you to redeem your reward points before the expiration date to gain full benefits. For any queries, kindly email us at

Terms & Conditions:

  • Reward points are specifically applicable at BestVetCare’s online store only. It would be reflected only in the registered account with us and can be redeemed only at our store.
  • Reward points are not applicable/redeemed at any other store than
  • Reward points program can be stated void, discontinued or invalid anytime without any prior notice to the customer.
  • Redeem value, validity period and monetary equivalence of reward points on any single order can be changed anytime without any notice and are fully under the company’s discretion.
  • Reward points cannot be redeemed as cash.
  • Customer can accumulate and redeem reward points but cannot transfer them to any other person because the points are non- transferable.
  • Maximum discount (including coupons/seasonal sale/auto-order discount/special sale/reward point discount) will be applied on your order.
  • You can redeem only 10% of the order value.