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Reward Points

BestVetCare – Reward Points System

Buy More - Earn More

At BestVetCare, we constantly strive to make pet healthcare affordable for pet parents and this is why we have designed ’Reward Point Program’ to help you earn on every purchase.

With every purchase, you will earn reward points that will be accumulated in your registered account on our website.

For instance, if your order value is $20, you’ll earn 20 reward points on your purchase.

Welcome Reward Points

If you are a new customer, just register on and you’ll get 100 rewards points as a welcome gesture. This means you start earning even before you spend.

Can I use reward points on every order?

Yes, you can redeem reward points on every order you place with us and receive a discount on the purchase. To redeem reward points, the minimum order value shall be $25.

At maximum, you can redeem reward points worth 10% of your total order value.

Where can I check my reward points?

  1. Account: You can check total reward points you have in your registered account with us by logging in with your username & password.
  2. At Checkout: Once you've added products to your cart, you'll be able to see the total reward points earned on the order along with the maximum reward points that can be redeemed on that particular order.
  3. Order Confirmation: After placing an order, you'll be able to check the total reward points credited to your account for that purchase on the order confirmation page.

What is the value of reward points?

20 reward points = $1, hence 100 reward points = $5

This means, you need to have 100 reward points in your BestVetCare account to receive a discount worth $5. Each reward point has a value worth $0.05.

You can redeem your reward points in the form of a discount on your subsequent purchases.

At most, reward points worth 10% of the total order value can be redeemed.

How do I redeem my reward points?

Redeeming reward points while ordering from is simple and easy.


While ordering, you'll be able to check the total reward points of your account on 'MY SHOPPING CART' page.

To redeem reward points, before checking out, either use the given slider or manually enter the number of reward points you wish to redeem on your purchase. Utmost, you can redeem reward points that sum up to 10% of your total order value.

For example, if your order value is $100, you'll be able to receive a discount worth $10 and the maximum number of reward points you can redeem is 200.

When will my reward points be credited to my account?

Reward points earned on your purchase with us are reflected in your account once the order is shipped. You may check your account for the credited reward points after you receive a shipping confirmation email for the placed order.

Can I encash my reward points?

No, reward points are not subject to be encashed. You can only redeem reward points in the form of a discount on the purchases you make with us.

How do I manage my reward points?

You can manage reward points by logging into your account on

Once you log into your account on our website, go to ’My Account’ section and then click on ’My Reward Points’.

You’ll be able to view your total reward points along with a complete log of acquired and redeemed points in ’My Reward Points’ section.

Do reward points get expired?

Yes, unused reward points are subject to expiration after a period of 10 months from the date the points are credited to your account.

We recommend you to use reward points in the specified time frame to get the maximum benefit out of your spending on

Terms & Conditions:

  • Reward points earned from our website are specifically applicable at BestVetCare’s online store only. These points are reflected only in the registered account with us, and can be redeemed only on the purchases made from our website.
  • Reward points are not applicable and cannot be redeemed at any other store than
  • Reward points program can be declared void, discontinued, or invalid at anytime without prior notice.
  • Redeem value, validity period and monetary equivalence of reward points on any order can be changed anytime without notice.
  • Reward points cannot be enashed.
  • Reward points are not transferable. A customer can accumulate and redeem reward points but cannot pass on earned points to another account.
  • Including coupon codes, season sale, auto-order, special sale, reward points; whichever form of discount holds the maximum rebate value, will be applied on the order.