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Read All Reviews : Revolution for Dogs

Description :

Revolution for dogs is a monthly spot-on treatment that controls a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites found in 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs. The topical parasiticide kills and prevents fleas, biting ticks, ear mites, heartworms and sarcoptic mange mites. A waterproof and long-lasting treatment, it remains effective for a period of one month. 

Revolution Heartworm Preventive

Manufactured by Zoetis, Revolution for dogs is a topical monthly treatment that protects dogs against various parasites that can cause severe diseases. It is available as a colorless, yellow solution containing the active ingredient selamectin. When applied to canines, it prevents heartworm infections and diseases caused by Dirofilaria immitis.

Selamectin is a parasiticide and anthelmintic that kills parasites by causing neuromuscular paralysis. Revolution thus kills flea eggs, flea larvae and prevents flea infestations. It also protects dogs against various tick-borne diseases. An effective treatment for ear mites and sarcoptic mange mites, Revolution is a multipurpose treatment for the absolute well-being of canines. 

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Get this stuff!

I have been using this product on my poodle for 8 years, and have never seen a flea or flea dirt on him ever. Revolution does not seem to have any side effects and it’s very easy to apply. Recommended!

Revolution is a best product

I had already used this product, its amazing product for my pet. I am happy with this product.


Revolution we have found is the best flea control and Heartworm prevention treatment that there is available on the market. We have used this for over 7 years now. It is truly the best.

Completely satisfied

After a long time, I have found the right product for my Blake. This treatment not only treats fleas or ticks, it also controls intestinal worms and prevents heartworms.

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