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Medpet Speed-Plus for Pigeons
Rate: 5/5
Medpet Speed-Plus for Pigeons

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Medpet Speed-Plus for Pigeons

Rate: 5/5

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Medpet Speed Plus – Pigeons and Cage Birds

Medpet Speed-Plus is a mineral and vitamin-rich supplement for pigeons and cage birds. It is formulated with powerful ingredients, including Vitamin B Complex, L-Carnitine, and Pangamic Acid powder, that boost racing performance in healthy pigeons. Moreover, the supplement will reduce recovery time after race and limit muscle damage of birds. Medpet Speed-Plus is made with the purest grade ingredients that boost endurance by improving energy provision of muscles. It works effectively when combined with a high-fat diet.

How it works?

Medpet Seed Plus is formulated with Mega Vitamin B Complex, L-Carnitine and Pangamic Acid powder. It converts fat energy reserves into utilizable energy for flight muscle; this stimulates racing performance in healthy pigeons. Its efficacy is enhanced when combined with high fat diet.


Vitamin B1, B2 B6 B12 B15, L-carnitine, Moisture, Nicotinic acid

Advantages Of Medpet Speed-Plus
  • Stimulates racing performance in healthy pigeons
  • Shorts recovery time and limits muscle damage
  • Made with purest ingredients
  • Contains Vitmin B Complex(B1, B2, B6, B12, B15)
  • Useful in both shorter and longer races
  • Easily mixable in water and food
Instructions To Use Medpet Speed-Plus
  • Mix with drinking water or food
  • Dilute 5 g of Medpet Speed Plus (using heaped measure given in the pack) in 5 litres of drinking water or mix 5 g of Speed plus with 1 kg of grain along with 10 ml of Plume-Plus
  • For longer races: Feed continuously for three days before basketing
  • For shorter races up to 400 kms: Feed two days prior to basketing
Medpet Speed-Plus Safety Measures
  • Intended for use in pigeons and cage birds only
  • Keep it out of reach of children
Customer Reviews
Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex formula stimulates racing performance in healthy pigeons.