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Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract for Dogs and Cats
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Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract for Dogs and Cats

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Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract for Dogs and Cats

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Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract for Dogs and Cats

Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract is a complementary feed supplement developed to combat pigment loss naturally. It is formulated using highly concentrated liquid extracts high in iodine and iron to restore normal pigmentation.

Elderberry & Nettle Extract provides one of the fastest routes to regain pigmentation caused by various reasons such as during winter months, post-illness, old age, and female pets post-season or pregnancy. This supplement fixes pigment loss in show dogs, breeds prone to pigment loss such as white breeds with black noses or fading caused by mineral deficiencies (iron and iodine). This dietary additive can be added to the pet's regular meals and given for as long as required to regain normal pigmentation. It is suitable for pets from 8 weeks of age and can be given in conjunction with other treatments.


Nettle extract, Elderberry extract, Kelp seaweed extract (Fucus vesiculosus)

Advantages Of Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract
  • Complementary feed supplement
  • Uniquely formulated with natural ingredients
  • Offers the fastest way to regain pigmentation
  • Helps combat pigment loss
  • Made with highly concentrated, full-strength liquid extracts
  • Rich in iodine and iron
  • Ideal for winter nose
  • Fixes pigment loss in old age, following illness
  • Restores pigmentation caused by mineral deficiency
  • Recommended for female pets post-season and pregnancy
  • Useful for show dogs and white breed dogs with black noses
  • Does not affect the dietary balance
  • Can be given at any time of the year
  • Can be given with other treatments
Instructions To Use Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract
  • Add to your pet's food on a daily basis.
  • Recommended to administer for as long as required.
  • As a part of the skin's normal renewal process, it can take up to six weeks to see complete results.
  • Shake the bottle before use.


Pet Size Pet Weight Recommended Quantity
Small dogs and cats Under 22 lbs (<10kgs) 1/4 tsp
Medium dogs 22.1 - 55 lbs (>10-25kgs) 1/2 tsp
Large dogs 55.1 - 99 lbs (>25-45kg) 1 tsp
Giant dogs Over 99 lbs (>45kgs) 1 1/2 tsp

Analytical Constituents:

Nutrient Percentage Value
Protein 1.78%
Fat 0.1%
Crude Fiber <0.1%
Ash 1.5%
Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract Safety Measures
  • Use as a complementary supplement only.
  • Not recommended for pets under 8 weeks of age.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Ensure the container lid is firmly closed when not in use.
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