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Pet Dent Oral Gel for Dogs & Cats
Rate: 4.7/5
Pet Dent Oral Gel for Dogs & Cats

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Pet Dent Oral Gel for Dogs & Cats

Rate: 4.7/5

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Pet Dent Flavored Gel

Pet Dent Oral Gel contains a potent antibacterial agent used for the treatment of oral gum diseases. It is a highly palatable flavored gel, which is especially useful for pets with bad breath. Pet Dent Oral Gel helps in the thorough control of plaque formation and various other dental issues. Moreover, this oral gel helps in the prevention of gum diseases as well as bad breath. This gel is highly safe to use on all kinds of dogs and cats.

Pet Dent Oral Gel - How it works?

The active ingredients in Pet Dent Oral Gel are Chlorhexidine gluconate and zinc fluconate. These ingredients make it quite effective to fight against the oral diseases. Element Chlorhexidine kills pathogens associated with gum diseases and Zinc plays a role in the body's healing mechanism. Thus, the gel stays active and remain in contact with the mouth and teeth for long hours and protects pet's from bacterial attacks associated with gum diseases.

Chlorhexidine gluconate and Zinc gluconate
Advantages Of Pet Dent Oral Gel
  • Prevents teeth and gum diseases
  • Controls formation of plaque
  • Prevents bacterial attack associated with gums
  • Fights bad breath and odor
  • Useful after scaling to keep the mouth bacteria-free
  • Safe to use on all dog and cat breeds
Instructions To Use Pet Dent Oral Gel
  • Apply once daily using the soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Or it can be applied by using your finger.
  • It can be applied after scaling the teeth.
  • For more guidance, follow the instructions given in the product label.
Pet Dent Oral Gel Safety Measures
  • Meant for animal use only.
  • Keep it away from kids and other pets.
  • Store product in a cool and dry place.
  • To be used orally only.
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Pet Dent Oral Gel

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