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Selehold (Generic Revolution) for Cats

Rating: 4.5/5

Price Starts From: $23.65

Selehold (Generic Revolution) For Puppy/Kittens Upto 5.5lbs (Pink) 15mg/0.25ml

Pack Size
3 Pack
6 Pack

Selehold (Generic Revolution) For Cats 5.5-16.5lbs (Blue) 45mg/0.75ml

Pack Size
3 Pack
6 Pack

Selehold for Cats

Selehold is an easy, convenient, and non-greasy topical treatment for cats that protects against multiple parasites. Identical composition, i.e. selamectin, makes it an affordable substitute to Revolution. This monthly spot-on treatment for cats is recommended to be used in 6 weeks and older kittens and cats.

Famously known as the generic version of Revolution, Selehold safeguards kittens and cats against both internal and external parasites for a complete month. The topical solution for cats treats flea infestations, stops re-infections of fleas, prevents heartworm diseases, kills chewing lice, and treats roundworms and hookworms.

How it works?

Selehold consists of selamectin. Once applied, the active constituent foots into the bloodstream through the skin. The high efficiency of the concentration in the blood and tissues actively prevents heartworm infection and treats intestinal worms. The formula gets redistributed from the blood to the skin to protect against fleas, flea eggs and ear mites.



Instructions To Use Selehold (Generic Revolution)
  • Take the Selehold tube out of the pack.
  • Hold the tube in an upright position, puncture the tube, and remove the applicator cap.
  • Part the feline's fur at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible.
  • Apply the entire Seleholdcontent directly on cat's skin, ensuring the tube is empty.
  • Avoid massaging the liquid content into the skin.


Cat’s Weight

Dose Content

Selamectin Qty.

Number of Doses to be Given Per Month

≤5.5lbs (≤2.5kg)




5.6-16.5lbs (2.6 - 7.5kg)





  • Select an appropriate dose as per cat's weight.
  • Repeat the dose after four weeks or as directed by the veterinarian.
Advantages Of Selehold (Generic Revolution)
  • Easy, convenient, and non-greasy topical formula
  • Kills fleas and controls flea infestations
  • Prevents heartworm infections
  • Treats ear mites and biting lice
  • Effectively treats and controls roundworms and hookworms
  • Safe on kittens and cats over 6 weeks of age
Selehold (Generic Revolution) Safety Measures
  • For topical use only, don't administer orally
  • Not recommended for kittens under 6 weeks of age
  • Avoid using on debilitated and underweight cats
  • Don't use on selamectin sensitive cats
  • Keep away from children
  • Wear gloves while handling
  • Wash hands thoroughly after using
Customer Reviews

I trust this to deliver the saem results like other brands.

Excellent Product

Made our dog's life so much easier


My dog was seems happy since all the trouble with fleas are gone