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Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats
Rate: 4.6/5
Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats

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Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats

Rate: 4.6/5

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MalAcetic Otic Ear Cleaner 118 ml

Malacetic Otic Ear is a potent and effective ears cleanser for both dogs and cats. This quick-drying solution was specifically designed for everyday ear cleaning and drying. It is effective in getting rid of bacterial and fungal infection in the pet's ears. Moreover, this solution treats yeast, bacteria, and microbes as well. The ideal ear cleaning solution for pets, it is extremely safe to use on all breeds of dogs as well as cats.

Malacetic Otic Ear - How it works?

The key components that make up Malacetic Otic Ear solution are Acetic Acid and Boric Acid with surfactants. These ingredients assist in thoroughly eliminating all the dirt, wax, and debris from the ear and keeping the ears clean at all times, It cleanses and cures ear infections without any allergic reactions.

Acetic Acid and Boric Acid with surfactants
Advantages Of Malacetic Otic Ear
  • One-of-its-kind anti-microbial ear cleaner
  • Quick-drying ear cleansing solution
  • Acts as an efficient deodorizer
  • Gets rid of grease and ear wax
  • Effective against different types of dermatitis
  • Gets rid of ear infections
  • Safe for all kinds of dogs and cats
Instructions To Use Malacetic Otic Ear
  • Apply liberally to the ears.
  • Smoothly, but firmly massage the base of the ear.
  • Use a piece of cotton ball to get rid of the excessive solution.
  • Repeat whenever necessary.
  • If you are applying on external skin lesions or wounds, apply liberally 2 to 3 times on a daily basis.
Malacetic Otic Ear Safety Measures
  • Do not administer this treatment on irritated skin.
  • Use rubber gloves while cleaning the ears of the pet.
  • Wash the hands completely with soap and water.
  • Store solution in a cool and dry place.
  • For external animal use only.
Customer Reviews
otic ear solution

off late i turned to this product as my vet recommended as it is quite effective

R3eecommend it

Recommend it

first time using it

I am using it for the first and happy with the result.