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Review : Valuheart for Dogs

Description :

Valuheart tablets for dogs are a monthly treatment for prevention of heartworms and diseases caused by these deadly worms. It is an inexpensive, generic alternative to the branded heartworm prevention product Heartgard for dogs. Orally administered the tablets kill the tissue stages of heartworms thus treating infections and preventing fatal heartworm diseases.


Valuheart tablets for dogs, a monthly treatment when administered year round prevents heartworm infections by killing immature heartworm larvae (Dirofilia immitis) and rules out the chances of deadly heartworm diseases. It treats infections occurred during the immediate previous month and protects canines from severe heart and lung problems.

Ivermectin, the key ingredient is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent that rapidly kills microfilariae (intermediate stage of parasite life cycles) but does not affect adult worms. It thus prohibits the growth of heartworm larvae into adult heartworm. Orally administered the tablets are a convenient treatment for heartworm infections. 

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Top Reviews

Extremely satisfied customer!!

It has been a couple of months since I am getting these oral tablets for my pooch and the results have been very effective…Will continue purchasing dog supplies from BestVetCare.

Highly competitive pricing

I am highly pleased with the effectiveness of this heartworm preventive treatment…It is very easy to administer and very reasonable in price.

A reliable heartwormer!!!

Nothing can be compared to the price of Valuheart when looking for heartwormer. I totally rely on valuheart to prevent heartworms in my pets.

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