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Review : Comfortis for Dogs

Description :

Comfortis is the first FDA approved scientific formulation in a chewable tablet form for treating fleas in dogs. It is a monthly dosage to be administered orally for rapidly killing fleas. This chewable starts killing fleas in 30 minutes and prevents further parasitic infestations.


Manufactured by Elanco, Comfortis is environmentally friendly and has spinosad as its active ingredient. Spinosad paralyses the fleas by attacking their central nervous system of fleas and kills them. It is orally administered to dogs that are 14 weeks or older and weigh 3.3 lbs. Available in five different packs categorized as per the dog’s bodyweight, the chewable are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. 

Average Rating
Based on 8 ratings

Top Reviews

A great flea preventive!!

This oral treatment really keeps my King Charles Cavalier flea free and I am extremely happy with the results!!

Best flea preventive treatment in USA!!

I have been getting this product for my three pooches and they are completely flea free. Thank you BestVetCare!!

Great product

Works best on fleas. A fast acting product and easy to administer. Always good on my pets.

Luke Mccomb

Love this product as it is very fast acting and highly effective. I never had a fuss giving this tablet and no reactions noticeable.

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