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Activyl for Cats

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Fleas on pets are problematic to eliminate. The best remedy is to keep environment around the pets sanitized. In spite of precautions, fleas find their way anyhow and attack pets. Fortunately, a number of treatments are now available to combat the flea threat. Activyl for Cats is one such product that needs to be applied only once a month to provide complete protection against adult fleas and flea eggs and larvae.  It is important to disrupt the flea life cycle by wiping out its eggs and larvae.  Activyl does just that - it prevents flea reinfestation by eliminating eggs and larvae besides killing adult fleas.

Activyl - How it works?

Activyl contains a lethal active ingredient, Indoxacarb, which works by using a method called bioactivation in which Indoxacarb is activated using the flea’s own enzymes. When a flea attacks your pet, it absorbs the active ingredient, which causes the enzymes within the flea’s gut to change. The flea becomes too weak to feed due to paralyzing effect of Activyl and dies.

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Love to use it

Really love the use of this product. So good.

Brett Nov 03, 2020

Super easy

This product is super easy to use.

Vincent Jul 15, 2020

My cat is fine with it

The cat does seem to startle a bit when applied but she settles down quickly.

Geirdo Jun 17, 2020

Effective Activyl

I have decided to try a different flea med and I used Acitvyl which turned out to be effective.

Dawn May 26, 2020

Excellent solution

Excellent solution for fleas on my kitty.

Uria May 20, 2020