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Review : Activyl for Dogs

Description :

Fleas are a perennial problem in pets.  Proper sanitary measures can reduce the prevalence of flea infestation but these annoying pests manage to recur in spite of precautions. Flea eggs and larvae are more of a problem than adult fleas.  It needs a lethal remedy to fight this menace and various topical spot-on solutions available are just the right thing to do.

Activyl for Dogs is one such product from Merck that addresses the flea problem. A onetime application every month provides complete protection against adult fleas and its larvae and eggs, effectively preventing flea reinfestation.

How Activyl Works?

The active ingredient, Indoxacarb in Activyl acts using a process that reacts with flea’s own enzymes. The active ingredient spreads through the pet’s skin. As soon as a flea bites the pet, it also absorbs Indoxacarb which when reaching the flea’s gut changes the enzymes. This is what called bioactivation –the flea dies due to the paralyzing effect of the ingredient.

Average Rating
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Top Reviews

Satisfying results

Works very well on preventing fleas and getting rid of them. I am using this on my dog since last year and find it to be very effective. I would surely recommend this product.

Loved the results

This product works great on Mark. All the fleas were killed within some hours after giving the first treatment. I am content that, it's working wonderfully on my pooch.

Reliable Product

This product worked even better than the other topical solutions. It killed fleas instantly after the first application and kept them off. Activyl is the product on which I can rely and recommend to all dog owners to eliminate the fleas from their pets.

Amazingly Perfect!!!

I have a 8 years old Gpsy who has picked up fleas. I used this product to see will it work on him or not. I was amazed that only after a single application of Activyl there was not a single flea alive in two days time, it has worked perfectly. I am satisfied to see that my pooch is in good health and free from fleas.

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