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Activyl for Dogs

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Fleas are a perennial problem in pets. Proper sanitary measures can reduce the prevalence of flea infestation, but these annoying pests manage to recur in spite of precautions. Flea eggs and larvae are more of a problem than adult fleas.  It needs a lethal remedy to fight this menace and various topical spot-on solutions available are just the right thing to do.

Activyl for Dogs is one such product from Merck that addresses the flea problem. A one-time application every month provides complete protection against adult fleas, its larvae and eggs, effectively preventing flea reinfestations.

Activyl - How it works?

The active ingredient Indoxacarb in Activyl acts using a process that reacts with flea’s own enzymes. Slowly but gradually the solution spreads through the pet’s skin. As soon as the flea bites the dog, it absorbs Indoxacarb, which when reaching the flea’s gut, changes the enzymes. This is what is called bioactivation. The flea dies due to the paralyzing effect of the ingredient.

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Easy and effective

Effective flea prevention at a great price. Easy application

Megan Mar 24, 2020

spot on

best spot on that goes well along with my dog

Alexander Feb 09, 2020

no more itching

no more itching, after starting this treatment

Cindy Jan 02, 2020

highly effective and affordable

great product from Merck, not only effective but also equally affordable

Casey Nov 24, 2019


This really works I had a flea infected dog & to the point, dogs looked like they got mange. Inside was really bad couldn't put your feet on the floor outside forget about going out unless you liked flea socks that climb up your leg. My dogs are 100+lbs. I did no yard treatment used activyl within to weeks a dramatic change fewer fleas by end of month NO fleas and still going strong with the first treatment.

Angela Oct 19, 2019