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Activyl For Large Dogs 44 – 88 lbs

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Fleas are a perennial problem in pets. Proper sanitary measures can reduce the prevalence of flea infestation, but these annoying pests manage to recur in spite of precautions. Flea eggs and larvae are more of a problem than adult fleas.  It needs a lethal remedy to fight this menace and various topical spot-on solutions available are just the right thing to do.

Activyl for Dogs is one such product from Merck that addresses the flea problem. A one-time application every month provides complete protection against adult fleas, its larvae and eggs, effectively preventing flea reinfestations.

Activyl - How it works?

The active ingredient Indoxacarb in Activyl acts using a process that reacts with flea’s own enzymes. Slowly but gradually the solution spreads through the pet’s skin. As soon as the flea bites the dog, it absorbs Indoxacarb, which when reaching the flea’s gut, changes the enzymes. This is what is called bioactivation. The flea dies due to the paralyzing effect of the ingredient.

Direction for use
  • Make your dog stand in a relaxed mood.
  • Take one applicator tube (listed above) as suitable for your dog.
  • Keep the applicator vertical and snap its seal by bending the tip.
  • Keep it away from your face.
  • Part the dog’s hair between the shoulder blades until the skin can be visible.
  • Press the sachet and pour its entire contents onto the skin in a single spot.
  • Do not allow the contents to overspill. 
  • Apply at a single spot on toy dogs/very small/small dogs and two, three or four spots for medium, large, and very large dogs respectively, from head to tail.
  • Repeat pattern every month.
Key Benefits
  • Available as an OTC product.
  • Unique mode of action that acts within 8 hours of application and provides one month’s protection
  • Safe on dogs over 8 weeks and older and weighing more than 4 lbs
  • Dries quickly, is fragrance-free, and remains waterproof even after bathing
  • Acts against adult fleas and prevents reinfestation by disrupting the flea life cycle
  • This product is for dogs only. Do not apply on cats and other pets.
  • This product is suitable for puppies and dogs over 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 4 lbs.
  • Avoid using product on pregnant, nursing, aged or ailing dogs.
  • One applicator per month is more than sufficient.
  • Toxic ingredients may damage your eyes and skin. In case of accidental contact, rinse the affected parts thoroughly and contact poison control centre.
  • If swallowed, drink a glass of water and do not induce vomiting. Call a doctor instead.
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Perfect Flea Treatment

Kills adult fleas effectively. There is no problem that I have faced until now using Activyl.

Great prices

I hate using any medication on my three dogs because of all the chemicals they have into them. However, I got totally wrong when I tried Actvyl as it worked perfectly without any side effects . Good product with great prices and at vetsupply it is absolutely free without any charges for shipping.

Excellent product

Reliable, effective and convenient product.