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Antezole Liquid Oral Suspension for Dogs

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Antezole liquid oral suspension is easy to dose deworming treatment. The liquid formula treats roundworms and hookworms in dogs, and puppies very effectively. The anthelmintic formula works efficiently in removing worms. It is crucial to deworm every 3 months to control the transfer of worm infection to humans, especially hookworm infection. When given on a regular basis, it helps in the prevention of worm infections in dogs. Moreover, this solution is safe to use on puppies over 2 weeks old.

Antezole Liquid Suspension - How it works?

Antezole liquid suspension is an oral dewormer that's main ingredient is Pyrantel pamoate. The potent formula works strongly on roundworms and hookworms. It kills and eliminates these worms without causing any harm to the dog.

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quite fast action

treated my dog last night and today morning found no more trouble related to worms.

Brandie Nov 25, 2019

worth money

better priced, worth the money

Patrick Nov 20, 2019


We have used antezole for our dogs for years and have found it effective for control of worms.

Moffitt Aug 29, 2019

Liquid suspension

easy to dose and no fuss with my dogs.

Tammy Jul 18, 2019

contented with the result

The product has taken a permanent place in my dog's first aid box. I am satisfied with the outcome of this product. my dog is now worm free. Thank you best vet care.

Emerald Jan 23, 2018

Saved my dog's life.

My large dog had roundworms, and I decided to try this dewormer before we made an expensive trip to the vet. It did a great job and the worms were gone the next day and never came back!

Kevin Oct 04, 2017

It actually works, no adverse side effec

Great! I have 2 small dogs and I bring them to the vet once a year. Even I keep them on this dewormer treatment. It is safe and effective for my dogs. Easy to feed liquid. No any side effects.

Andrea Oct 04, 2017