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Antezole Paste for Cats Reviews

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Antezole Paste is a potent deworming treatment that controls worms in dogs and cats. The oral paste kills and prevents hookworm, tapeworm and roundworm infection in pets. Tapeworms are easily transferred by fleas. So, along with tapeworm prevention, flea treatment is also crucial for controlling worm infection. The oral dosage is easy to administer and suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Antezole Paste - How it works?

Antezole Paste is an effective worming treatment. It treats different kind of worms in dogs and cats. The powerful formula contains Praziquantel, Pyrantel pamoate and Fenbendazole. Morevoer, it eliminates the worms without any adverse effects. The oral formulation is safe to use on dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. The treatment comes in syringe form for easy administration.

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Excellent services

BVC automated shipments are excellent. Their prices are reasonable, and they deliver quickly. For several years, I've relied on BVC to keep my cat healthy!

Ludmila Apr 06, 2021

Affordable pet products

The pricing of the purchased items is excellent. I have three pooches that need pet supplies, and BVC's pricing enables me to shop for all 3 without compromising!

Jacqueline Apr 06, 2021

Amazing website!

The products I ordered were shipped to me in a timely manner. I received a "thank you" response when I contacted them about their excellent service. The ethos of this business has always impressed me. Great work!

Yael Apr 06, 2021

Price is reasonable

Bought this worm treatment for cats for the first time. Found it effective. Moreover, the price is reasonable

Eleanor Mar 03, 2021

Easy to administer and effective

Effective wormer, easy to use. I just mix it with my kitty’s food and it doesn’t ruin her taste

Isabel Dec 30, 2020