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Bravecto for Dogs

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A unique flea and tick control formula, Bravecto is an effective oral treatment. From the house of Merck, Bravecto comes as the latest addition in the range of chews. With the power to control fleas and ticks for 12 weeks, it prevents flea allergy dermatitis in dogs. The newly enhanced formula destroys a varieties of ticks like black-legged ticks (Ixodes scapularis), American dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis), and brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) including Lone star tick (for 8 weeks). This one-time tasty chew destroys flea infestations and controls re-infestations for 12 weeks.

Bravecto - How it works?

Bravecto is a veterinary recommended flea and tick control product for dogs. The only single-dose chews that works effectively for 12 complete weeks. The new active ingredient, which is not found in any other flea and tick treatment, easily gets into the tissue fluids under the dog’s skin. This kills fleas and ticks when they attack dogs. The advanced formula of Bravecto destroys fleas and different types of ticks - black-legged tick, American dog tick, and Brown dog tick, apart from controlling lone star tick for 8 weeks.

Safe for breeding, lactating, and pregnant bitches, Bravecto prevents flea infestation on puppies older than 6 months of age and weighing at least 4.4 lbs.

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No More Ticks

This time my Fido was infected by ticks but thanks to these chews as it worked really well and made my pup tick-free

Madison Jul 31, 2019

Fast acting treatment

Thank god Bravecto does not take ages to kill fleas and ticks on my dogs like other products.

Charlotte Jul 17, 2019

Impressed with the product

I am very impressed with bravecto my dog does not seem to have any side effects and no fleas.

Jewel Jul 04, 2019

Best Option In the Market

Best flea and tick option. For the price and it is good for 3 months, you do not have to remember monthly.

Johnathan Jun 20, 2019

Effective treatment

This is a great single dosage treatment that works effectively to kill fleas and ticks from my dog

Lily Jun 05, 2019

Best Product

I have tried many different products for preventing fleas and ticks but no other products give such an effective and long lasting results

Laurel May 16, 2019

No side effects

Used spot on Bravecto on our two dogs for a few months now and are very happy. No reactions or adverse effects

Julie May 13, 2019

Will Never Use Anything Else

Worked efficiently on my dog. Unlike other products, Bravecto had no side effects on my pup. She's just as lively as ever - just much happier now.

Paulette May 01, 2019

No More Mess

I have tried many spot-on and greasy solutions for my dogs but these chews are best as it creates no mess. I can easily administer it to my dog.

Iriana Apr 22, 2019

Very good product

Been mightly pleased with this product. Very good indeed.

Grant Apr 10, 2019

Ticks gone!!!

Wow, this product is simply amazing. Within hours all existing fleas were destroyed!

Tobias Feb 13, 2019

Long lasting effect!

This wonderful product not only eliminated fleas but has protected my dog from reinfestation for months. It is a long lasting effect. Great product!

Jenna Feb 06, 2019

Good one

It's amazing that it protects my dog, Ryan for 3 months. I have already ordered a full year'supply

Josh Jan 29, 2019

This stuff is AMAZING

One pill and fleas are gone. I will not go back to anything else those other topical meds you put on the outside do not do anything compared to this pill. This pill is the best and works within an hour or two. Its amazing you have to try it to believe it

Stacey Nov 09, 2018

Buy this first, save your money

I have been battling fleas All Summer Long. I bought every kind of flea medicine you could imagine, and my dogs were still covered with fleas. I didn't know what to do so A friend gave me the information for ordering bravecto , and I did. The dogs ate it and within 12 hours every flea was gone. I was so happy because they were suffering, now they are able to just be so happy now. Thank goodness for this medication.

Annette Sep 08, 2018

love Bravecto

easy to order, it's quite less expensive than what the vet charges! I will definitely buy it again!

Samuel Aug 27, 2018

My Cooper Loves Them

Cooper would love to eat this chews. It works better than any other flea and tick products which I had used!

Daniel Jul 27, 2018

Great Deal!

We couldn't believe how easy it was to use Bravecto flea protection. We could tell that it started working in 30 Minutes, as my dog Ray became visibly relaxed. We will be forever using Bravecto to keep my friend happy & comfortable.

Nolan Mar 19, 2018

got perfect product after long research

I was searching for a potent product as my dog was suffering from severe flea infestation. I found this product and it has solved my dog's problem. It's a perfect solution to kill heavy flea infestation.

Kylie Jan 25, 2018

Works Effectively

Previously I struggled with fleas when my dog got them. Often digs and scratches at the affected area led him to painful hot spots. It was a really terrible situation for me. Then I visited my vet immediately and he suggested this effective product. Then I had tried this oral treatment. Now no any signs of fleas and ticks. Thanks, Bravecto! It is a little expensive but it's worthwhile.

Grayson Jul 30, 2017


Attempted each & every topical treatment with nothing beating flea Problem, one measurements of bravecto and I haven't seen a bug since.

Adiee Feb 16, 2017

Fights against fleas

I have been using Bravecto since past 17 months, spaniel and lab both didnt had any problems until now. I have been fighting against fleas on both of these and happy that after using bravecto both of them now dont have any problem.

Stephanie Feb 05, 2017

Low price and high result

You just have to give it orally without any messy thing of topical solution. and Bingo it works faster to kill fleas. Happy that i don't have to remember monthly treatment. I googled this product for cheap rates and got it from bestvetcare at low prices.

Jessa Jan 02, 2017


This product is amazing. No mess of liquid on my pooch and no need to constrain her from going into the water. Just works for too long weeks and no worry for monthly treatment. surely recommend you.

Kishwan Nov 28, 2016


We were using Advantage II with no results and we were getting so frustrated! We treated our entire house and would vacuum each day as well. Nothing worked. Then the vet recommended Bravecto and within a few days, our troubles were finally over. What a relief to know we don't have to live with fleas anymore!

Tammy Nov 16, 2016

Great product and great service

I had bought this product from the vet first. Now I buy it from BestVetCare at great discounts. This is a great product, it kills all the fleas within a day. Love it and have recommended it to others.

Sudie Oct 06, 2016

No fleas for 3 months

After trying various flea treatment products, I tried Bravecto for my Prince. I was amazed to see the results, there were no fleas on him. This product eliminated the pests within 48 hours. I am content with this product.

Donna Aug 17, 2016

Best Treatment for fleas

I live near the bushy area so fleas and ticks are always a major concern for us. I am always worried for my dog of getting fleas. Previously I used other treatments which I had to apply twice a week. My neighbor recently recommended Bravecto and it has been the best thing. I am satisfied with this product and as my pooch is free from fleas.

Ollie Jul 28, 2016

Bravecto for dogs works

My dog was scratching all the time. Even in her sleep. I read about Bravecto and did research before trying it. Bravecto had the best reviews. The day I gave her one chewable dose within less than two hours she was flea free and has been ever since. We live in south Florida where the fleas are rampant all year but not on my dog since Bravecto.

Barbara Jul 04, 2016

much better than liquid meds.

We always had a problem with the topical tick prevention as it seemed to always rain the day after application! (it smelled badly too). We started using this and not only does our fussy dog loves it like a treat, but we can be sure the protection won't wash off.

Glen Jun 14, 2016

great product

No mess with oily stuff on the dogs back and my dog thinks she is getting a treat, she loves them. A little pricey, but they seem to work.

Robyn Jun 14, 2016

Will not go back to frontline


Kristy Jun 14, 2016

It works!!

I started using this product on the vet's recommendation. My dog was in the miserable condition because of fleas biting him. This product has helped him to get rid of the flea problem. This is the product which really keeps the fleas off my dog.

Gela Jun 13, 2016

Excellent product

I have got only the excellent reviews of this product, from my friends. I finally started using this on my dog and I have not seen any flea on her till now.

Reena Jun 08, 2016

Satisfied With The Results

I have just started using this product for fleas and ticks. I am very happy that my friend suggested me this product as my dog had no more fleas and ticks on him.

Wandy May 25, 2016

Bravecto is Awesome

My doggy was in a miserable state because of the fleas. He was itching all the time the fleas were so bad. Vet recommended me to give him the Bravecto pill and literally the fleas started falling off his body within 2 hours. Will definitely use this product again.

Neil May 20, 2016

Happy and satisfied dog owner

Since a few months, I have been buying Bravecto for my bulldog from BestVetCare and the results are amazing. A wonderful oral chewable that makes my pooch love gobbling….Love it.

Jess Mar 25, 2016

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