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Kyron Cani-Vit Supplement Powder for Dogs and Cats
Rate: 4/5
Kyron Cani-Vit Supplement Powder for Dogs and Cats

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Kyron Cani-Vit Supplement Powder for Dogs and Cats

Rate: 4/5

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Cani-Vit Supplement for Dogs

Cani-Vit is a comprehensive supplement formulated specifically for improving the overall health of puppies and dogs. It is a combination of essential nutrients such as vitamins including vitamin E, minerals (selenium, zinc, etc.) and high-grade protein that commercial food products are unable to provide. It contains calcium-phosphorus in equal proportions that is easily accepted by dogs. The powder helps in avoiding the adverse health effects of nutrition deficiencies. It has a palatable real liver and real cheese base and can be given daily along with your dog’s food.

How does it work?

Cani-Vit Conditioning Powder is made of nutrients required for maintaining the overall well-being of your dog. It has an optimum ratio of calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients like selenium, zinc and vitamin K. Selenium can help stop the degeneration of skeletal and cardiac muscle, and protects from reproductive disorders and oedema. Whereas, zinc, an important trace element, helps in maintaining skin and coat condition.


5 grams (one level measure) of Cani-Vit contains:
Vitamin A 500iu, magnesium 2mg, vitamin D3 50iu, iron 5mg, vitamin E I 5iu, copper 0.4mg, vitamin BI 0.1mg, manganese 0.5mg, vitamin B2 0.25mg, zinc 10mg, vitamin B6 0.2 mg, iodine 0.15mg, vitamin K 4mcg, selenium 10mcg, vitamin B12 3mcg, sodium chloride 25mg, calcium pantothenate 1.5mg, calcium 300mg, biotin 0.15mg, phosphorus 300mg, nicotinamide 3mg, protein 1.5mg, folic acid 25mcg, ca/p ration 1:1, choline bitrate 50mg

Advantages Of Kyron Cani-Vit Supplement Powder
  • Easy-to-dose delicious real liver and real cheese flavor
  • Helps in avoiding the adverse effects of nutrition deficiencies
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • Offers high-grade protein
  • Aids in maintaining skin and coat condition
  • Controls degeneration of skeletal and cardiac muscle
  • Protects from reproductive disorders and oedema
  • Nutrition-rich supplement for overall health conditioning
Instructions To Use Kyron Cani-Vit Supplement Powder
  • Mix Cani-Vit powder with your dog’s food or sprinkle it over their daily meal.
  • Administer one to three level 5g measures to adult dogs based on the dog’s body weight.
  • Give half to one level measure of the powder to puppies.
  • Ensure that your pet completes the full dose.
  • For good overall health, administer the supplement daily.
  • If not sure about adequate dosage, take the advice of a veterinarian.
Kyron Cani-Vit Supplement Powder Safety Measures
  • For animal use only.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Read the product label completely before use.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in a cool, dry place (below 250c).
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Provides great support for my felines