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Read All Reviews : Bravecto Spot On for Cats

Bravecto Spot On
Description :

Bravecto is a unique and effective formula, from the house of Merck. Bravecto is a topical spot-on for cats to kill adult fleas. This spot-on is a systemic insecticide and acaricide that provides immediate and persistent flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and the treatment and control of Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick) infestation for 12 weeks in cats and kittens six months of age and older, weighing 2.6 pounds or greater. It is also indicated for the treatment and control of Dermacentor variabilis (American dog tick) infestations.

Bravecto Spot-On Flea And Tick Treatment

Bravecto Spot-On for cats consists Fluralaner as an active ingredient. This is a long lasting formula which gives protection from fleas and ticks for 12 weeks that is for complete 3 months. This can be also used to treat Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) in cats. It is fast acting treatment. It starts killing fleas about 8 hours and ticks about 12 hours of administration. If administered on the cat every 12 weeks, it kills attaching fleas, ticks and prevents flea population.

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Top Reviews

Great deal! Great product!

I've been using Bravecto for a year now. No more itchy kitty! It does seem to last a full 3 months as advertised. Easy to apply also! Just open the cap, apply to back of neck, and fugettaboudit...

Incredible Results!

I have been using Bravecto for my cats since 1year now. It works perfectly to prevent flea and ticks. Thank you Bravecto!

Long lasting formula

Bravecto Spot-on has reduced the harsh scratching of skin in my cat by killing all flea within 24 hours.


Really impressed. Treats effectively and no fleas. No more scratching on my cat.

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