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Read All Reviews : CleanEar for Dogs & Cats

Description :

Cleanear is a mild ear cleansing solution made up of organic solvents. It is used to maintain aural hygiene in cats and dogs. The easy to apply solution clears away earwax, dirt, discharge and dead tissues from the pet’s ears. It prevents the growth of bacteria and cleanses the ear surface for better penetration of miticides and insecticides.


With active ingredients like salicylic acid, malic acid, benzoic acid and Docausate sodium, Cleanear wipes off dirt, earwax, discharge, dead tissues and bacteria from the pet’s ears. The acidic nature of the ingredients repels and prevents bacterial growth and mite attacks. The ear cleaner maintains pH balance in the pet's ears and thus prevents infections and diseases.

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Top Reviews

An excellent product

My German Shepherd was yelping in pain when I tried to touch his ears but after applying this treatment it worked like wonder. Now I will always have the product handy with me. Highly recommended product!!