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Comfortis For Large Cats 5.5 to 11.2 KG (12 to 25 lbs) 560mg

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Comfortis chewable tablets are used for treating and preventing flea infestations in cats. The beef flavoured tablet remains active for four consecutive weeks and eliminates fleas before they lay eggs. It reduces egg production to minimize flea population. It starts killing fleas within 30 minutes and remains effective for one month.

Easy to administer, this chew prevents flea infestations by killing fleas before they lay eggs. It destroys existing parasites and prevents chances of future occurrence. The monthly preventive proves highly beneficial for all breeds of 14 weeks and older cats.

Comfortis - How it works?

Comfortis chewable contains spinosad as the active ingredient. The environment friendly ingredient has parasiticidal property that kills adult fleas quickly. It causes hyper excitation in the flea’s nervous system causing paralysis and death. Available in different pack sizes, the treatment is formulated and suitable for small and large cats.

Direction for use
  • Comfortis for cats is available in different colour-coded packs. The packs contain varied strength of spinosad given in accordance with the weight of the cat. So, weigh your cat and choose the appropriate pack.
  • Give the chewable with food or immediately after the meal. When given on empty stomach, it may not serve the purpose with same efficacy.
  • If vomiting occurs within an hour of giving the dose and if the tablet is not ingested properly then give another full chewable immediately. Administer one chewable every month.
  • On missing a dose, administer with the next offering of food. Maintain a monthly schedule of giving the chew. 
  • If you have more than one pet in the house then treat all of them to prevent future infestations. 
Key Benefits
  • Cats love the tasty beef flavoured chew
  • Easy to administer tablet
  • Single dose monthly treatment
  • Mess free, oral flea treatment
  • Environment active ingredient that makes disposal easy
  • Kills adult fleas and reduces egg production
  • The chew starts its action only within 30 minutes of administration
  • Store away from pets, children and food items.
  • Do not administer to cats younger than 14 weeks of age.
  • Use with caution if the pet has a history of epilepsy. Use only under a vet’s guidance.
  • Using it for pregnant and nursing cats is not considered safe yet.
  • Do not combine Comfortis with ivermectin. It may give adverse reactions. Consult a vet before clubbing any pet treatment with Comfortis.
  • Adverse reactions might be observed in hyper sensitive pets. Diarrhoea, vomiting, lethargy are some of the mild side effects. If you observe other unusual behaviour in your pet then contact a vet immediately.

effective and fast acting when it comes to trating flea infestations

Comforting treatment

It is indeed a comforting treatment that has no side effects on my pet.

Impressive results

My cat is allergic to many treatments so it's difficult to find the right one for her. Thankfully, Comfortis doesn't cause any side effects on my cat.