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Credelio for Dogs 12 to 25 lbs (225mg) Orange
Rate: 4.5/5
Credelio for Dogs 12 to 25 lbs (225mg) Orange

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Credelio for Dogs 12 to 25 lbs (225mg) Orange

Rate: 4.5/5

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Credelio Chewable Tablet for Dogs 12.0 to 25.0 lbs (Orange)

Credelio Chewable Tablets for Dogs in the orange pack, specially designed for dogs weighing between 12.0 to 25.0 lbs. Each chewable tablet contains 225mg of the active ingredient Lotilaner, meticulously formulated to provide targeted protection against fleas and ticks. CredelioOrange offers fast-acting and long-lasting defense against these pesky parasites, ensuring your canine companion remains free from infestations. With its convenient chewable form, Credelio is easy to administer and provides comprehensive protection for dogs within the specified weight range.

Credelio Orange for Dogs – How it works?

Credelio works by utilizing its active ingredient, Lotilaner, to disrupt the nervous systems of fleas and ticks upon ingestion. Once administered orally, Lotilaner quickly enters the bloodstream, targeting and effectively neutralizing fleas and ticks within hours. This fast-acting mechanism ensures the rapid eradication of existing infestations while also providing proactive protection against potential re-infestations. By interfering with the parasites' nervous systems, Credelio effectively eliminates them, offering your dog relief from the discomfort and health risks associated with flea and tick infestations.



Advantages Of Credelio
  • Powerful, quick acting flea and tick treatment for dogs
  • Starts working within 4 hours of administration
  • Provides continuous protection for up to one month with a single chewable tablet.
  • Kills existing flea and tick infestations and prevents re-infestation.
  • Comes in ahighly palatable chewable tablet form
  • Eliminates various kinds of ticks, including black-legged ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks, Brown dog ticks
  • Suitable for dogs and puppies from 8 weeks of age, weighing 4.4 pounds or more
Instructions To Use Credelio
  • Treatment can be started at any time of the year and can continue for the entire year as a monthly treatment.
  • Chew can be fed to dogs more than 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 4.4 lbs.
  • After your dog has eaten the food, you should provide Credilio chews within 30 mins.
  • Put the tasty chew into the mouth of your dog and make sure the chew is consumed completely.
Body Weight (lbs) Pack Color Lotilaner Per Chewable Tablet (mg) Chewable Tablets Administered
4.4 to 6.0 Yellow 56.25 mg 1
6.1 to 12.0 Pink 112.5 mg 1
12.1 to 25.0 Orange 225 mg 1
25.1 to 50.0 Green 450 mg 1
50.1 to 100.0 Blue 900 mg 1
Credelio Safety Measures
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Wash your hands properly after feeding.
  • Chew is safe to be given along with anti-biotics and other treatments.
  • The safe use of Credelio in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs has not been evaluated.


  • Indented for animal use only.
  • Should not be given to cats.


  • Consult your vet before giving this chewable to dogs that have a history of seizure, muscle tremors, ataxia, and other neurological disorders.
Customer Reviews
Working Just Fine

I was very much worried about our dog's flea protection but Credelio has solved my problem and now my dog is almost flea free.

Does well

I wanted to switch to an oral formula, and this is the best one I could have used on him.


This treatment is perfect.