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Read All Reviews : Dermavet for Dogs

Description :

Dogs usually get injuries more often due to accident with sharp object or encounter with other dogs. Promptly addressing these minor wounds before infection sets in is crucial for you as a pet owner to keep your dog in good condition. DermaVet cream is an excellent wound-healing cream specially formulated for dogs. Widely used for slow healing wounds and septic abrasions, this antibacterial cream enables faster, cleaner and more effective healing process.

DermaVet Cream for Dogs:

DermaVet cream is a topical treatment for a wide range of bacterial infections related to skin and ear. This popular product effectively works on different dermatological conditions in dogs such as acute and chronic ear infections, lesions, cuts, inflamed skin and bacterial infection.

The antiseptic agent stimulates faster infection healing, while the steroid ingredient eases itching, which actively discourages pets from licking or scraping the wounded area.

This aqueous cream provides faster relief from conditions like eczematous and seborrheic dermatitis along with interdigital cysts and anal gland infections.  

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Top Reviews

Highly effective!

I really love this product! I used this product for a wound that was not healing because it was getting rubbed when my dog lay down on his bed. What had taken over 2 weeks to get worse looked better in just one week. Effective product!

Works good

My dog got a cut and couldn't understand what to apply. Our vet advised to apply dermavet. I carried out applying for 1 week and now she is better. works good and price is affordable.

heals faster

One of my dogs has sensitive skin and when get wounded nothing works better than dermavet. It heals faster and prevents itching too. I always use this one when Ruby gets any cut or wound.

Stops scratching

It is the right wound care team as it not only heals the cut or wound but also prevents scratching. This helps in preventing infection and further damage to the wound.

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