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Droncit Spot On for Cats

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Droncit spot on is a powerful treatment for tapeworm infection in cats. The powerful formula is effective against tapeworms including Echinococcus multilocularis as well as mature and immature forms of of Dipylidium caninum and Taenia species. This treats tapeworms and protects the cats from diseases caused by tapeworms. Cats are at the higher risk of getting tapeworms, thus Droncit spot on is highly recommended for treating and preventing tapeworm infections. It is an easy to apply treatment with no adverse effects.

Droncit Spot On - How it works?

Praziquantel is an anthelmintic that causes contraction of tapeworms which leads to paralysis in the contracted state. Thereafter, the dying tapeworms are dislodged from the site of action in the cat. This results in elimination of tapeworms within hours of administration.

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Good product

Good product

Annette Dec 03, 2019

spot on

easy to apply and no mess and fuss.

Thompson Oct 31, 2019

i recommend this

I've been using droncit for Marley for past years, and am very happy with it. I told my sister in Texas about it, and she asked that I order it for her, for her cat. She was very excited when she received it in the mail.

Marley Sep 22, 2019

So far so good

So far so good no problems with tapeworm yet. Happy to have this product.

martin Jul 30, 2019

Awesome Results!

We always struggle to persuade our cat to take tablets or powder. Tricks such as hiding them in food are a disaster, so we were delighted to find this spot-on treatment. We had our doubts at first but the product seems to do the trick. Thank you, Droncit!

Nicholas Mar 12, 2018

Best One.

Nothing can be comparable to Droncit to treat tapeworms. My little ones are constantly protected from the worm contamination and I cheerful that I don't need to see those animals in their litter. Best to attempt if your kitty is having worms.

Lloid Mar 02, 2017

Highly effective

Due to her habit of eating anything that comes to her way, Lara is usually infected with tapeworms. After trying many medications, I tried droncit on my relative's recommendation. Now, I am relaxed that there is no worm infection and lara is cat eat well.

Percy Feb 19, 2017

No more worms

I was really frustrated due worm infection in Dollar. In spite of using so many worm treatments, he used to always get infected. But, Droncit has helped me a lot. No more worms now for Dollar. And I am happy to get it at the best prices at Bestvetcare.

Rosy Jan 24, 2017

No worm infection

Nothing can be as good as Droncit to treat tapeworms. My little ones are always safe from the worm infection and I happy that I don't have to see those creatures in their litter. Best to try if your kitty is having worms.

Anderson Dec 27, 2016