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Effipro DUO Spot-On for Dogs Reviews

Rating 4/5 based on 24 Reviews

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Effipro DUO for dogs is an effective spot-on for treating fleas and ticks. The topical solution treats flea infestations along with tick infestations. This integrated solution controls the multiplication of fleas by preventing flea eggs from developing into adult fleas for 12 weeks after application. Effipro DUO provides the acaricidal efficacy for 2 weeks against Ixodes ricinus and for 4 weeks against Dermacentor reticulatus and Rhipicephalus sanguineus. The regular treatment helps to control a recurring parasitic infestation. The spot-on is also recommended as a part of flea allergy dermatitis treatment. Lastly, Effipro DUO is a monthly treatment that is easy to apply and has a unique drop-lock system.

Effipro DUO Spot-On - How it works?

Effipro DUO spot-on features the combination of two active ingredients – Fipronil and Pyriproxyfen. Fipronil kills the existing adult fleas and Pyriproxyfen restricts the growth of the different life stages of fleas. It helps prevent an increase in flea population and controls future flea and tick infestations.

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Control Fleas

Effipro has successfully helped us control our dog's flea population.

Julian Aug 12, 2021

Could have be faster

I had to wait for about a week for the delivery but arrived in good condition and has worked well so far.

Walter Jul 16, 2021

Works Great

Effectively stops the development for fleas and ticks.

Simon Jul 16, 2021

Happy with the services

I wrote them an email and they replied right away and the same day I asked I received it in the mail.

Stacey May 10, 2021

Reliable website

We live in a time when going out to shop and waiting in long lines has become increasingly difficult. I'm glad I discovered this reputable pet supply store that provides a wide variety of items for my dogs and cats.

Cass Mar 25, 2021