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Read All Reviews : Effipro Spot-On Solution for Dogs

Effipro Spot-On Solution
Description :

Effipro Spot-On Solution for Dogs

Effipro Spot-on for Dogs is a broad-spectrum treatment to fight against fleas and ticks. Based on the tested and proven formula, Effipro is a fast-acting, long lasting and effective treatment for flea and tick infestations on dogs. The innovative drop-free-stop-on helps avoid spilling of solution on the fingers and sets exactly where it is needed. The monthly dosage minimizes the risk of transmission of flea-tick-borne diseases and widespread risk of fleas and ticks. It is recommended to use on puppies above 8 weeks of age.

Effipro Spot On for dogs is for the effective treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks on dogs. The potent fipronil based formula kills fleas within 24 hours and ticks usually within 48 hours. The adulticidal effect keeps fleas away for 4 weeks and ticks for 2 weeks. The clinically proven dosage helps in controlling flea and tick infested diseases in dogs. The topical application to be administered monthly is easy to apply with long lasting effect. The spot on prevents new flea infestation and protects dog from chewing lice infestation also. Designed with drop-lock technology, the Effipro formula is easy to apply.

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Top Reviews

A great purchase!!!

This flea preventive treatment is extremely easy to use and highly effective on my furry pal. It is such a relief to see my pooch free from these pesky parasites. Thank you!!!

The best flea and tick preventive!!!

An excellent product that protects from furry pal from fleas and ticks. It is very easy to use and is extremely cost-effective. A highly recommended product for dog owners!!!

Amazing results in a single application

This product works perfectly well. My dog was badly infested, but in a single application, my pooch is doing great and mostly all the fleas and ticks were dead in 24 hrs. Really content to get this product for my pooch.