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Read All Reviews : Equitape Wormer Paste for Horses

Equitape Wormer Paste
Description :

Equitape wormer paste is a wormer that has been specifically developed for horses. It comes in the form of easy to administer, palatable paste form presented in a single dose compact dial-a-dose syringe. This deworming treatment protects the horses against tapeworm infections by providing the flexibility of combining it with other worming treatments for horses.

Equitape Horse Wormer Paste

Equitape Horse Wormer Paste, a Pfizer product aids in treating horses and foals with three different types of tapeworm. It contains Praziquantel, an active anthelmintic as the active ingredient. It is effective in killing different types of worms in horses by interrupting the functioning of their nerve cells. This causes paralysis in the worms and ultimately killing them. This active ingredient is highly effective against all types of tapeworms thus protecting the horses from worm infestation.

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Comes in syringe form, which makes application quite easy. And it's 100% effective

Excellent safe wormer

Very happy with the product and the service. Safe on horses and no side effects like upset stomach.

Equitape Wormer Paste

Excellent Product