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Heartgard Plus for Dogs

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Heartgard Plus for dogs are beef flavored tablets that protect canines against heartworm infection and heartworm diseases. It kills heartworm larvae and thus, impedes the growth of heartworms in dogs. To be administered monthly, these tablets are given to 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes. It is also an effective treatment for intestinal worms including roundworms and hookworms. Given all year around these tablets saves dogs from heartworm infections from other pets and surroundings as well.

Heartgard Plus - How it works?

Ivermectin and Pyrantel are the active ingredients present in Heartgard Plus. It acts as a perfect heartworm preventive and destroys immature stages of heartworms. With anthelmintic properties, these tablets are also an effective treatment for killing and controlling roundworms and hookworms as well. It provides monthly protection to your dog.


Nuheart is a generic form of Heartgard. This heartwormer has the same effectiveness as Heartgard. It contains Ivermectin, which is the exact same ingredient that can be found in Heartgard. The meat-flavoured tab eliminates heartworm larvae and protects dogs from dangerous heartworm diseases. It is an affordable and highly effective heartworm preventive.

Kindly Note: Merial is now acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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I guess the ingredients of this chews are safer fo rmy pet as it doesn't cause any allergic reactions.

Mia Jan 13, 2020

The best

Best solution for protecting my dog against Heartworm

Ira Jan 02, 2020

highly recommended

It an effective heartwormer.

Oriana Dec 18, 2019


It is such a relief to have a product that my fussy dog loves,

Ken Dec 03, 2019

Affordable to prevent heartworms

I never knew that preventing heartworms from my pup can be this affordable. Thanks to Heartgard Plus.

Alex Nov 13, 2019

seems to work well

Provides great protection from heartworms.

Dale Oct 30, 2019

heartgard plus

best heartwormer for my three dogs. I usually rely on this

Dan Oct 21, 2019

Shopping made easier

I no longer have to hunt products , BestVetCare made it easier to navigate and place order.

Gabriella Oct 21, 2019

Happy Customer

I ordered this product before a few weeks and am happy to shop at such discounted prices and that too free shipping especially in Canada.

Kimberly Oct 16, 2019


Nuheart is generic for Heartgard but not Heartgard Plus. Heartgard Plus kills Heartworms along with Roundworms and Hookworms, Heartgard only kills Heartworms.

Olevia Sep 26, 2019

Heart winning Heartworms

Heartgard Plus won my heart as it always protects my pup from heartworms and keeps him healthy.

Peter Sep 18, 2019

No side effects

Other products have always caused side effects to my pet, but this is something I was always looking for.

Oggy Sep 10, 2019

Great Preventive

Greatly protects my pup from heartwroms

Noah Sep 03, 2019

Works as a boon

Heartgard plus has worked as a boon because it prevents heartworms so that my pup does not have to suffer from undergoing painful heartworm treatment

Daniel Jul 31, 2019

Great Product

I thought Heartgard plus protect my dog only from heartworms but as a bonus, it also prevents intestinal worms.

Gabriella Jul 17, 2019

Best Preventive from Heartworms

I have given my dogs Heartgard Plus for several years and they always test negative for heartworm

Aden Jul 04, 2019

Worth the Trust

I trust only this product to keep my dogs free from heartworms. They take it easy as it looks and tastes like a treat to them

Molly Jun 20, 2019

Heartgard plus to the rescue

Thanks to Heartgard Plus that my dog got rid from those fussy topical treatments. This chewable is super easy to administer it to my dogs and it is a great heartwormer

Victoria Jun 05, 2019

Highly recommended

It is easy to administer as I give it to my dog with his regular diet and it prevents heartworms effectively.

Jerry May 16, 2019

Reliable product

It is a reliable product to prevent both intestinal worms and a particular heart parasite in dogs that is easy to administer.

Amaje May 13, 2019

Love It

Works great, never had a problem with fleas or ticks and it's easy to administer to my dogs

Violet May 01, 2019

A tasty medicine

Awesome product. My pup had no problem in chewing this tablet. He had it like a treat.

Jamie Apr 22, 2019

Top product

Easy to use and very effective. Top product.

Joslyn Apr 10, 2019

Multiple treatment

Heartgard helped cure roundworms in my dogs. At the same time, it assists me in providing month long protection from heartworm.

Nicholas Feb 13, 2019

Great heartworm preventative

Heartgard Plus is a potent product that does incredibly well to prevent heartworm in my dog. I have been using this for months and so far, it's doing its job to perfection. No complaints.

Ansel Feb 06, 2019

Best product

Very happy to use this product, my Vet recommended this product.

Harry Jan 29, 2019

Great Product

I don't know how much the product saves my dog from heartworm but it definitely works best when I have to treat her for worm infection. I hope it is also protecting her from heartworm as well because recently I got her checked up and the vet told that she is perfectly healthy and has no signs of heartworms. Besides, she loves its beef flavor.

Jennifer Nov 13, 2018

Best prevention against heartworms!

Heartgard Plus is a trustable product and I am using it for many years. My pup has never had any problems with this treatment. Highly recommended!

Benicio May 17, 2018

Awesome Results!

My dog looks forward to her monthly Heartgard. It's the only treatment that we've never had any problems with. She thinks it's a treat! It’s extremely effective and comes at a great price when compared to the local store. Thank you, Heartgard! Highly recommended!

Maria Mar 15, 2018

Its too good for my pets

I am very thankful to Heartgard Plus.

John Oct 05, 2017

Its too good for my pets

I am very thankful to Heartgard Plus.

John Oct 05, 2017

Its too good for my pets

I am very thankful to Heartgard Plus.

John Oct 05, 2017

Best for My Dog Health

For over seven years, I have used Heartgard Plus, and the best thing is my dog love its taste. He takes it like a delicious treat every month. This product is really worthy to keep him healthy. Will keep purchasing it!

Henry Jul 25, 2017

Tasty Treatment

My Scooby loves this chew, and it is easy to treat him, no need to hide it and treat. Thanks for giving a discount on this product.

Megan Nov 22, 2016

You must try it

I am using this product since my dog was 3 years old. It was recommended by the vet to protect him from heartworms. He has never got any heart worm problems. I am content with this product, as my pooch is healthy and happy.

Robert Oct 20, 2016

Super convenient

The easiest way to keep my pooch away from the heartworms diseases. I am administrating my pet since 2 years and never had any issues. I am satisfied and would highly recommend this product to all dog owners.

Carla Sep 26, 2016

Trusted product that works

There is heavy heartworm infection in my area, where I live. As I have two dogs, I was looking for 100% reliable heartworm prevention. Then my friend recommended me this product. I have been using Heartgard Plus, since 1 year and I am happy that my furry pals have never caught this disease.

Louanne Aug 04, 2016

Really love this product for my pooch

I personally would not like to recommend any other heartworm treatment for dogs. As Heartgard Plus takes care of heartworms and also intestinal worms. I have been using this product for 2 years and completely trust on this. This product has been working perfectly.

Herald Jul 22, 2016


I have four dogs, I needed 100% reliable heartworm prevention. I have been giving this Heartgard Plus for my dogs since 2 years and my pooches have never caught this disease. I can say that Heartgard Plus is obviously working for them.

Ashley May 15, 2016

A great product!!

I have been giving this wonderful chewable to your pooch since last 6 months and never faced any problem. My pooch is free from heartworm infection and that is what counts for me.

Eugene May 11, 2016

Seems to do the job amazingly well!!

I have been using this heartworm preventive on my pooch since last year and the results have been amazing. I do not have to worry about any heartworm infection in my tyke. Thank you BestVetCare!!

Tim May 04, 2016

No.1 heartworm preventive in USA!!

I have been getting this beef flavored tablet since last few months from BestVetCare and never seen any form of heart problem in my pooch. Highly effective!!

Philips Apr 25, 2016

A great product for protecting the heart

An effective product that keeps heartworms in check with a monthly protection. The prices at BestVetCare are incomparable to other online pet stores and their zero shipping cost has made me their biggest fan.

Danish Apr 20, 2016

Highly preferable

Since I bought Hectar, I am using heartgard plus. it is not only effective but also safe for my pooch. Can`t afford to replace it for any other heartwormer.

Sanders Apr 01, 2016

Perfect heartworm prevention

I am using heartgard plus since our vet advised it for Henco to protect him from heartworm disease. No side effects and no heartworms.

Karen Mar 25, 2016