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Read All Reviews : MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs

MalAcetic Shampoo
Description :

MalAcetic shampoo aids in treating mild fungal and bacterial infections in dogs and cats. It is made up of natural ingredients, hence, it is extremely safe for dogs and cats. It is ideal in treating seborrhea or other conditions in pets where a medicated shampoo may be beneficial. It is completely soap less shampoo that contains moisturizers.


MalAcetic shampoo has two active ingredients: Acetic acid and boric acid. Both of these active ingredients are completely natural and good for pets. These ingredients assist in treating fungal and bacterial infections in dogs and cats.

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Top Reviews


I have an English Bulldog who develops skin rashes very frequently. I tried Malacetic shampoo on my vet’s recommendation and the results were amazing. Not only does it make them disappear but also prevents them. Recommended!

Very Comfortable for My Dog

This stuff is fantastic! I used this on my dog yesterday. He has been comfortable since! So soft and snuggly! I will purchase the shampoo next! Thank you MalAcetic!

Love this dog shampoo!

I have boxer in pet and unfortunately, he suffers from fungal infections. Often bathe could help to get rid of it, but I didn't want to dry his coat. And when I tried MalAcetic shampoo I have been able to bathe them every two weeks without a single problem to their skin. This lathers up really well and comes off easy.