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Read All Reviews : Meditrich for Bird Supplies

Description :

For pigeons and raptors suffering from cropcanker or Trichomoniasis, Meditrich is an ideal solution. This one time dose treatment fights against the infection and protects pet bird health. Exclusively formulated with unique ingredient, Meditrich tablets are safe for young and breeding birds. Highly helpful for racing pigeons, it can cure up to 93% of Trochomoniasis cases.


Meditrich is an ultimate solution to treat infectious disease like Trichomoniasis also known as cropcanker in pigeons and raptors. Its scientific formulation helps to dissolve the chemical ingredient Metronidazole - a non-water soluble substance. The active ingredient treats the infection and restores strength in birds and pigeons.

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Top Reviews

A great treatment!!!

My pigeon was suffering from Trichomoniasis. With a single dose the infection has cured and now he is feeling good. A very effective product!!!

An ideal solution for treating cropcanke

I am extremely happy with the end results of the product and would be a regular purchaser of the product from Best Vet Care.