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Nuheart for Dogs

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Nuheart is a generic form of Heartgard. This heartwormer has the same effectiveness as Heartgard. The meat-flavoured tab eliminates heartworm larvae and protects dogs from dangerous heartworm diseases. It is an affordable and highly effective heartworm preventive. Moreover, this extremely potent heartworm preventative is safe to be given to dogs and puppies over the age of 6 weeks.

Nuheart - How it works?

Nuheart is a monthly heartworm preventative that contains the active ingredient Ivermectin. It is the same ingredient that is found in Heartgard Plus. Ivermectin helps in the thorough destruction of the heartworm larvae, thereby preventing your dog from getting infected with heartworm disease.

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this goes well with my two dogs, can you suggest anything similar for my kitty. she is 6 years and dealing with CDS too.

Skender Oct 15, 2019


best generic product at cheap prices. tried and happy with results.

Susan Sep 03, 2019


didnt want to lose my Teeny to heartworm, so made better choice with nuheart and now happy to see Teeny healthy again

Gonzalez Aug 15, 2019

Great Stuff!

This product did the trick for me. It provided relief to my dogs as soon as I started using it. Great pricing! Free shipping! Thank you, Nuheart! I would definitely recommend.

Amelia Mar 09, 2018

Great customer service

Nuheart Item was lost in the mail but Best Vet Care refunded my money very quickly. Excellent customer service.

Wiliam Nov 23, 2017

Happy to Use it

We put our dog on this medication a year ago when we got him. He had his first test heartworm test recently and passed with flying colors. The product is effective and the best part is it is much less expensive than had we purchased it from our vet. Thankyou !

Corrine Mar 05, 2017

Great value for money

I have been giving these tablets to my furry pal for several years now. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect my pooch from heartworm disease. Highly recommended!!!

Marci Jan 02, 2017


Ive been Using This Product For Years , I use to order it From Canada Because i couldn't find it in The USA Without Paying High Prices at the Vets, I received a Email from your Company and was Thrilled I can finally order it here, YOU HAVE MY BUSINESS NOW ! I just ordered a 6 months Supply For each of my 3 German Shepherds. from you 2-3 days Ago..Waiting on my delivery Thank you for finally supplying without a prescription and the Huge Prices the Veterinarians charge Keep up the Good Work

Judy Dec 13, 2016

A great heartworm preventive!!!

I have been giving this tablet to my furry pal since last two years and so far he has not been affected by heartworms. I am extremely delighted with the results shown by this product. Thank you!!!

Eugene Dec 07, 2016

Quick and Reliable

I am using this product on my pooch for years. There are no heartworm problems at all. Finally a great value product at an affordable price.

Juan Oct 20, 2016

Effective and great product

I have been using this product for a year now and this is working extremely well on my Juke. The best part is that it fits in my budget.

Terri Sep 27, 2016

Best Heartworm Preventative

I have been using this product for 2 years and I am pleased with the results. My pooch had his heartworm test and he passed with flying colors. I am content that he is healthy and free from all the parasites.

Samuel Aug 05, 2016

Good Preventative

Vet recommended me this product to protect my pooch from the heartworm disease and it is doing its work very well. There have been no side effects or any behavioral changes since using this product.

Sedrik Jun 09, 2016

Amazing Product

I am using Nuheart on my pug from a year to prevent him from the heartworm disease. This is really working in a good way and never had any complications with this treatment. I am satisfied and will continue using this product.

Roy May 25, 2016

Highly effective heartworm preventive

A monthly dose of this highly effective treatment keeps my furry friend safe from heartworm….Not to forget the amazingly reduced price which makes me a fan of BestVetCare!!!

Johnson Mar 25, 2016