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Read All Reviews : Pet Dent Oral Gel for Dogs & Cats

Pet Dent Oral Gel
Description :

Pet Dent Oral Gel

Pet Dent Oral Gel contains a potent antibacterial agent used for the treatment of oral gum diseases. It is a highly palatable flavored gel, which is especially useful for pets with bad breath. This gel helps to control plaque formation. It also helps to prevent gum diseases and bad breath.

Dental Health - Pet Dent Oral Gel

The active ingredients in it like Chlorhexidine gluconate and zinc fluconate makes it quite effective to fight against the oral diseases. Element Chlorhexidine kills pathogens associated with gum diseases and Zinc plays a role in the body's healing mechanism. Thus, the gel stays active and remain in contact with mouth and teeth for long hours and protects from bacterial attack associated with gum diseases.

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Top Reviews

The Ultimate dental gel for dog teeth

Good quality item, easy to put on dog. keeps his teeth shiny and stainfree

Oral gel

Good to use and quite effective. Great delivery process and cheap rates

Pet Dent Oral Gel

Excellent Product