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Read All Reviews : Pet Dent Oral Rinse for Dogs & Cats

Pet Dent Oral Rinse
Description :

Pet Dent Oral Rinse has been specifically developed for maintaining oral health of dogs and cats. It is recommended to be used between brushing or after the completion of an oral treatment. It is the number one veterinarian recommended product for preventing bad breath and oral diseases in dogs and cats.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate , and Calcium glycerophosphate are the three active ingredients present in this product. All these ingredients when combined together result in maintaining the complete oral health of the pet. It is highly palatable with no apparent foaming agents or detergents which aids in reducing the formation of plaque in the mouth of the pet. It aids in preventing bacteria and germs from entering the mouth of the pet.

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Top Reviews

Oral rinse

New product to me but has had good recommenations and found the result quite satisfying

Fresh mouth

After start using this rinse, Sam does not smell bad. He used to smell so bad. But this worked well. Thanks bestvetcare for suggestng this product for my pooch.

Pet Dent Oral Rinse

Excellent Product