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Read All Reviews : Popantel for Cats

Description :

Is your cat facing problems like scrawniness, lack of energy and diarrhea? It is time to treat your cat, as these are the common symptoms of worm infestation. Popantel is an excellent dewormer for cats and provides complete protection against intestinal worms. It effectively treats and controls all types of gastrointestinal parasites like hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms including Hydatid tapeworms.

Popantel for Cats

Popantel for cats is an effective all wormer that helps in treating different types of gastrointestinal worms. It primitively kills adult worms present in intestinal track and controls further infestation. Due to its various active ingredients, it treats multiple intestinal parasites ensuring faster relief. This anthelmintic drug controls worm infestation totally in your cat and ensures good health. 

P.S: Drontal tablets will be shipped with a pack insert in sealed polythene. Tablets are sold loosely.

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Top Reviews

Very easy to give!!!

I have been giving this deworming treatment to my kitty since last few years and the results have been amazing. She is free from worms and there are no apparent side effects of the treatment. Thank you so much!!!

A quick relief deworming treatment

My kitty was suffering from gastrointestinal worms and was losing weight. My sister suggested me to get this product. The results were rather quick and amazing. Now my kitty is free from the worms and I am extremely happy with the purchase. Thank you so much!!!

An excellent buy for treating infection

Amazing delivery time and top notch product quality made me fall head over heels over this fantastic pet supplies store!!