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Revolution for Dogs

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Revolution for dogs is a monthly spot-on treatment that controls a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites. The topical parasiticide effectively kills and prevents fleas, biting ticks, ear mites, and sarcoptic mange mites. Furthermore, it prevents the deadly heartworm disease as well. A waterproof and long-lasting treatment, it remains effective for a period of one month. Moreover, Revolution is extremely safe to use on puppies and dogs over 6 weeks of age.

Revolution - How it works?

Selamectin is the active ingredient that makes up Revolution. It is a parasiticide and anthelmintic that kills parasites by causing neuromuscular paralysis. Revolution thus kills flea eggs, flea larvae, and prevents flea infestations. It also protects dogs against various tick-borne diseases.

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Washes off worms

It is ridiculous to see my pet suffering from worms. I cannot even pluck them out from her body. But, Revolution does a really good job to was off those worms from my Hulk.

Deborah Feb 19, 2020


It leaves a white residue on my pup's skin after application.

Leah Feb 06, 2020

No negative signs

I haven't seen any negative signs on my Debbie after using Revolution. Would surely recommend this!

Cheryl Jan 27, 2020

Slow yet effective

Takes a little more time to show its effect on my pet.

Harry Jan 13, 2020

easy to apply

The product is easy to use.

Mike Jan 02, 2020

Convenient to apply

Pet doesn't even realize that he's been treated for fleas as I do not have to give him those pills anymore.

Zoe Dec 18, 2019

Very reasonable pricing

My vet recommended this treatment but thankfully I got it from here at half the price of what he was giving.

Eliot Dec 03, 2019

So good so far

I hardly review any products. But, this is something that I have been using for my pet for years and it always works. Never has any issue.

Camelia Nov 13, 2019

One of the best

It works as a 5 in 1 protection for my pup and easy on my pockets.

Reene Oct 30, 2019

Great Protection

My pup is all sorted now from the trap of fleas and ticks.

Deliliah Oct 21, 2019

Treats multiple parasites

It has always been the best product to treat multiple parasites in my pet.

Genesis Oct 15, 2019

Lasts Long

I no more have to apply the product on my pooch every time as this treatment lasts long and is highly effective

Adeline Sep 10, 2019

No side effects

Removes fleas from my poodle without any side effects

Alex Aug 30, 2019

Revolutionary Revolution

Revolution for dog is actually a revolutionary product as it is the safest to use for my poodle and does its work effectively.

Hazel Jul 31, 2019

Flea Free Pets

With two dogs we really battled with fleas for a while, but since making the switch to Revolution, my pets are flea free.

Victoria Jul 22, 2019

East and Gentle

Super easy application, no need for disguising pills with food to make your pet swallow. My dog goes to dog parks and plays with other dogs, he has never had any problem with flea or worm with regular application of this product.

Scarlet Jul 04, 2019

Flea Infestation Gone

I tried many products that did not work then came across this product tried it and within two hours my dog was flea free with no side effects well worth the money.

Elliott Jun 20, 2019

flea infestation gone

I tried several shampoos and flea powders that didnt work then came across this product tried it and within two hours my dog was flea free with no side effects well worth the money.

Stella Jun 05, 2019

One Stop Solution

I prefer this topical treatment for my dogs as it is budget friendly and it is a single treatment for various external and internal parasites.

Nory May 16, 2019


This spot on treatment prevents fleas and ticks and has a long- lasting effect against fleas.

Kimberly May 08, 2019

Treats ticks in puppies

I have been using Revolution for treating ticks in my puppy. Works very well.

Rhonda Apr 14, 2019

Cured sarcoptic mange!

Revolution cured sarcoptic mange in my pal. It also helps in heartworm prevention.

Cynthia Feb 13, 2019

Useful against flea allergy dermatitis

A great flea and tick destroyer, Revolution also is useful in reducing flea allergy dermatitis in dogs. I am a pretty satisfied customer.

Mikayla Feb 06, 2019

Get this stuff!

I have been using this product on my poodle for 8 years, and have never seen a flea or flea dirt on him ever. Revolution does not seem to have any side effects and it’s very easy to apply. Recommended!

Mackenzie Mar 26, 2018

Revolution is a best product

I had already used this product, its amazing product for my pet. I am happy with this product.

Ronald Dec 13, 2017


Revolution we have found is the best flea control and Heartworm prevention treatment that there is available on the market. We have used this for over 7 years now. It is truly the best.

Alroy Mar 05, 2017

Completely satisfied

After a long time, I have found the right product for my Blake. This treatment not only treats fleas or ticks, it also controls intestinal worms and prevents heartworms.

Charles Dec 26, 2016

I am pleased with this product

I am delighted to have this stuff for my Prince. This is the best treatment for fleas, ticks, intestinal worms as well as heartworms. Revolution has an efficiency to fight against all types of parasites and worms.

Juanita Oct 20, 2016

Reliable treatment

I am very delighted to get such treatment for my dog. This product treats and eliminates all the various types of parasites, intestinal worms and heartworms too.

Denise Sep 28, 2016

One solution for all parasites

I have used all sorts of products to eliminate the fleas and other parasites, but none of them worked. Then my friend suggested me Revolution. It is the best product as it kills fleas, controls intestinal worms and prevents from heartworms.

Donna Aug 05, 2016

best product treatment

My vet advised that Revolution treatment is better than most products. My dogs are not having any problems since I started them on Revolution 6 months ago.

ann Jul 07, 2016

Revolution Is An Excellent Product!

I have used this product on my dog and I am very happy how the Revolution works for treating multiple parasites and worms. My pooch is safe from the fleas, intestinal worms and heart worms and he never got any problem with this treatment.

Daniel May 16, 2016

Safe heartworm preventive treatment

I am very happy to get this product after my vet's recommendation and the surprising fact was that my pregnant female had no apparent side effects of this treatment. She can now now freely roam in water after application of this spot-on treatment. A highly satisfied customer!!

Larry May 05, 2016

Happy with the result!!

I have been using this treatment since last few months and my puppy is free from fleas, external parasites and even heartworms. An excellent product!!

Mills Apr 28, 2016

Does what is written on the website!!

I decided to purchase this product from BestVetCare because of their detailed product description and the results were quite amazing on my pooch. He is free from the unwanted pests and worms. Extremely happy!!

Charles Apr 21, 2016

One treatment multiple solution

Revolution alone works to control fleas, intestinal worms and heartworms. My pooches never get any problem with this treatment.

Bruce Apr 01, 2016

A monthly protection

Revolution is a simple to use monthly flea preventive. As it also controls heartworm infection, I totally rely on this for Meck and Hector.

Luca Mar 25, 2016