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Sentinel for Dogs

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Sentinel flavor tablets for dogs is an effective treatment that protects dogs against heartworms, fleas, whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms. This potent product is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic that prevents canines from several internal and external parasites. Orally administered, the tablets are given on a monthly basis to prevent parasite re-infestations and diseases. It is safe for dogs and puppies above 6 weeks.

Sentinel - How it works?

Lufenuron, the active ingredient present in Sentinel inhibits the production of chitin responsible for exoskeleton development in the flea larvae. It prohibits the growth of larvae into adult fleas, thus preventing the multiplication of flea population. The tasty chews are easy to administer and 97% of dogs take it as treat, making treatment a stress free and uncomplicated task.

Kindly Note: Novartis is now acquired by Elanco. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

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effective and best treatments

Rhonda Jan 07, 2020

Good Product

Good product!!

Martha Nov 27, 2019

flavor tabs

best to dose no more fuss when treating.

Joan Nov 06, 2019


Easy to use product and very effective

Buzzard Aug 29, 2019

No heartworm

Starting this treatment , we are now less worrried about heartworm infections now. heartworm disease is such a problem in our region. But now our two fur kids are all protected.

James Jul 28, 2019

It really works!

A very convenient product for my 3-year-old female English Springer Spaniel. She has used it every year. The combination of heartworm and flea prevention is great. She is very active outside, running and swimming in the warmer months so it is great to have flea pr

Danielle Mar 05, 2017

A great product!!!

I have been giving these flavored tablets to my furry pal since last few years and he has never had any problems with fleas or worms. Extremely pleased with the results!!!

Melinda Jan 02, 2017

A great product...

I have been using this product since last few years and my furry pal has never been affected by fleas, worms or heartworms. The cost of this oral treatment is also very reasonable. Love this product!!!

Sandra Dec 07, 2016

I will stick with this product

My pup loves this preventative because of its flavor and he thinks it's a treat for him. I am pleased that there are no side effects on him and works perfectly well.

Jeffery Oct 22, 2016

Excellent product for my pooch

I was using a different brand product but my pooch was getting sick with it. Then my vet recommended Sentinel, I am glad that this product is working perfectly on him and he does not get sick anymore.

Neal Sep 28, 2016

Safe, convenient and effective

I have been using sentinel for about 2 years on my doggy. I have to give one chew a month to treat all worms and fleas. There are no side effects on my pooch. I highly recommend this product to all dog owners.

Katrina Aug 08, 2016

Works Good

The vet had prescribed me this product for my furry pal to protect him from the intestinal worms and heartworms. This is working very well on my doggy without any side effects. I am very satisfied and I am going to reorder it from the BestVetCare.

Justin Jun 15, 2016


This product is great as it prevents my pup from heartworm disease and keep the fleas at bay. I am gratified with this product and will keep using it on my doggy.

Cynthia May 31, 2016

A great heartworm preventive!!

An oral treatment that saved the day of my pooch!! Very effective and extremely reasonably priced!! Thank you BestVetCare!!

Bella May 03, 2016

Great product

I love this treatment as it not only protects my furry friend from heartworm disease, but is also great in getting rid of fleas. Extremely satisfied with the results!!

Sam Apr 28, 2016

Great buying experience!!

The checkout process is so seamless that for a novice online purchaser like me it was a great buying experience. The treatment is highly effective and extremely cost-effective!!

Oliver Apr 27, 2016

Easy to apply

Best product for my baby. Simple to use and works effectively.

Jack Mar 25, 2016